So, here we go again, it’s that time of year and, I have to admit, I love it ! I am not a religious person so that part of it doesn’t come into it for me, but I just love the atmosphere, the decorations and the fact that everyone seems to be just that bit happier. I am, as my friends know, a candle freak, so anyone going to Ikea over the next couple of days may find the Christmas fragrance candles rather short in supply !!

Hopefully this year we will all have more freedom. At the time of writing there are no restrictions announced and my pal Susie is due to come over on the 23rd. Fingers crossed nothing changes before then.

My present ? What I would LOVE is for Praline and Pocker to find new homes, they have been in the refuge for so very long. Praline is an absolute love bug but is a bit of a devil with cats and escaping ! Pocker is a particular dog who will love and be faithful to his owner, but would prefer to be the only one. He is not anxious to share. If you live in an isolated area, Pocker’s appearance would put off any uninvited visitors. So wouldn’t it be great if these two got new homes for Christmas.

We have a beautiful Brittany Spaniel puppy looking for a new home. Take a peek on the adoptions page and you will see just how gorgeous he is. I am sure he will not be with us for a year ! I would take him myself as Brittanys are my favourite but I think Ernst would leave me, our numbers are finally going down. Ernst / Brittany Spaniel ?! Hmm tough decision !!

Sadly, we ‘lost’ another dog a couple of weeks ago. Blackie, a very old Border Colley (who mistakenly was initially blamed for the attack on Tiny this time last year). Blackie came to us over five years ago when his owner was taken into hospital. He was a bit of a grumpy soul ( Blackie not the owner – but hey, who knows !) but he loved me and did his best to fit in. He had been incontinent for quite a while and a bit wobbly on his legs, but when he could no longer get up, it was time to let him go peacefully.

Something else I had to let go peacefully was my wonderful old car. A 21 year old Citroen who had never, ever let me down, even though I had not treated it well. Sadly she failed the control technique quite spectacularly and would have cost too much to repair. I wanted to keep her in the garden for the dogs but the insurance was ridiculous, so, she went. I took her to M. Tanguy in Montcuq and arrived in tears. He was very worried and thought I had had an accident in the new one ! Bless him, he took me into his daughter’s office to see her new Australian Shepherd puppy, to take my mind off the car – and, I am sure, to stop the tears poor guy !!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Festive Season, I will join you in the festive atmosphere after next Tuesday ……..dental appointment, aaargh ! I am such a baby and get into such a state, but our pharmacie is running short on paracetamols because of me, so it is time to bite (no pun intended) the bullet !

Remember last year I was hoping for a greenhouse heater ? Never happened. This year I want mats for my ‘new’ car, so if you happen to meet Ernst anywhere, just drop a hint. Actually, no, a hint is no good, just tell him !!

Have a brilliant time and I hope you all get to where you want to be …… and get back !


Sue xx

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