Beautiful Moon is a very young Mum who turned up at a friend’s house where she has been cared for and given safe shelter to have her kittens. All the kittens have been homed and here is what my friend has to say about Moon :-

“Lately though, with no more kittens to look after, she is hanging around the house looking for attention and affection. Unfortunately, our resident cat Zoe, who is now 15 years old, will not tolerate her at all or let her come in. Moon is an absolute darling, so very loving who only wants to get onto your lap, be cuddled and feel safe. I feel so bad that we cannot give her that. She is no more than a year old and we have had her sterilised but not yet vaccinated as we were waiting for her to build up her strength after being on her own for a while and having kittens.She is not great with other cats but seems to tolerate our dog so long as Kaya keeps her distance. She is clean, has learnt to use a cat flap and comes equipped with cat litter tray, basket and food bowls. Although I adore her and hate to part with her, I would love her to find a proper loving home where she can get the attention she deserves and wants.”

Moon is at present between Figeac and Gramat and if you would like to offer Moon a loving home, please either email me or call Louise on 0626150550. Fingers crossed that Moon will be over the moon in her new home – see what I did there ?!