1ST JUNE 2021

I’m writing this month’s update looking out across a beautiful mountain view !  Ernst and I have come up to La Clusaz to spend a few days with his sister and brother-in-law.  We have been here since Sunday and the weather so far has been wonderful so we have had some great mountain rambles.  We brought Olivia our Newfie/German Shepherd with us thinking she would love the long walks as she certainly loves keeping me awake all night now and then by running off and coming back up to 24 hours later !  However, she is totally unimpressed and plods along looking miserable and refusing the water we take with us.  She has managed to master going up and down the steep open stairs in the chalet though.  The first time she came down them it was as though she was on a luge, two front legs on the top stair, gradually, gradually inching down until the weight of her body took charge and she slid down to the bottom.  We tried not to laugh and she did not try not to look offended !  She’s got the hang of it now and woe betide anyone in front of her on the stairs who is at risk of being ‘taken out’ as she slides down.

As soon as I get back it is full steam ahead for the Book Sale, on the 12th/13th June.  Everything is in place and all we need is to see you with plenty of empty bags to fill, dear Reader !

Whilst I am away, superstar Tiffany is staying chez nous and I have every confidence in her, though that didn’t stop y usual PRE holiday blues when I get nervous and anxious about going away.  Tiffany is great, she arrived in her camping car with five dogs and two cats and within half an hour all the dogs were quite happily mixing in with ours in the garden.  I had removed the very old ones and taken them to Danielle as they are likely to get snappy if the others accidentally bump into them.  Of course, the very elderly Teddy (a reclaim following the death of his owner) decided to have an epileptic fit the day before we left so I’m hoping he will still be around when we get home.

We have had lots of dogs in over the last month and, happily, lots of adoptions.  Olga, Billy, Sam, Punch, Jerry, Axle and Jazz have all gone to fabulous homes and we are getting excellent reports back of their progress.  A huge thank you to all who have given these lovely dogs a bright future.

Apparently it is apero time, I love that about holidays, apero time is always more special than at home, so I’ll sign off and look forward to seeing lots of you on the 12th/13 !

Sue x


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