45 hours to go and we still didn’t know if we were going to be able to go with the Book Sale !  Books were categorised, boxed, and stacked ready to be loaded,  cakes were sitting on worktops all over the area (?!) with our Cake Goddesses standing spatulas in hand wondering were the cakes to be iced or frozen ?  Then finally the call came, ‘Houston we have lift off ‘ and everyone sprang into action.  Obviously we were given a list of ‘cans and cannots’;  masks obligatory, hand sanitisers all over the place, separate entry and exit doors, one way system in the hall and a limited number of people at any one time inside.  We were so lucky with the weather, a warm sunny day, surely St. Cadbury, St. Prosecco and St. Roch were smiling down on us.  There was a ‘trickley’ start to the day, unlike the usual crowd we have desperate to start browsing at 9am, but that was good  considering our number limitation.   The sunny day allowed us, for the first time ever, to put tables of books outside so that when more …… and more, people arrived , they were able to peruse whilst waiting their turn to go in.  We also offered free coffee whilst people waited and I think that was greatly appreciated.  Anna was there iphone in hand taking everyone’s contact details so that should there be a worst case scenario, everyone could be contacted.  There wasn’t, phew !   Yes, of course, the numbers were well down which was to be expected as many of our buyers are in the ‘vulnerable’ age group, but I think that those who came agreed we did everything possible to keep everyone safe and we were really encouraged and appreciative of the very, very, many compliments and thanks which came from nearly everyone.  To the lady who complained that she had difficulty finding the hall from the village carpark,  we humbly suggest that she makes a visit to the French equivalent of Specsavers, as if she didn’t see the sign showing the direction to the hall which also had balloons attached to it,  then there is a problem !

Our idea of doing ‘Half Price Sunday’ did not attract many punters and most of those who came insisted on paying full price anyway – unlike the very latecomer on Saturday who didn’t even want to pay full price despite arriving over an hour after we had ‘closed’.  The sale  is for charity for goodness sake !!  So, whether or not we do a two day sale next time is under consideration and who knows where we will all be by Springtime next year !

Despite the numbers being well down, we made 1,588 euros which we were delighted with, PLUS since the sale, I have received many donations from lovely people sad that they didn’t feel able to come.  One of the donations was a three figure cheque which totally gobsmacked us all.  We thank you all so very much and desperately hope we will see you all next Spring.

Now we are back in confinement and life has slowed down again.  I’m back to gardening and reading in the greenhouse, missing coffees with girlfriends and, this year, Strictly Suppers.  However, as they say, ‘first world problems’, my house hasn’t been washed away by floods, I do not have children to feed and wonder how I’m going to cope financially, so, hey, how lucky am I – as is nearly everyone I know.

My lovely hairdresser, Ghislaine, was due to retire on the 7th November and many of us had appointments for her last day,  now of course, she has retired a week early and many of us are left thinking bxgger, no last haircut.  What was that about first world problems ?  This is serious !

We had an exodus of dogs just before confinement and several have been reserved for collection when we can travel out of our regions.  Sadly, Danielle has had to take in several more who will be on the website very soon.  A beautiful but traumatised Lemon Setter and four Beagles.  Luckily both popular breeds !Here is the lovely Pilou going to a fabulous new home.  Feedback is excellent, he is much loved and is getting on with his new pals very well.  What a lucky boy, worth waiting for eh Pilou ?

Stay safe, stay home !





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