31ST MAY 2020

Sometimes – well quite often really – peoples’ kindness and generosity is overwhelming.  As you know, we were unable to have our Spring Book Sale and this hit Danielle and me very hard as finances stagger from book sale, to clothes sale to the second book sale.  I’m not complaining, it was my decision to keep the unadopted dogs -15 as I write – and so I assume responsibility for their care.  A few lovely regular attendees of the sales sent us cheques to the value of what they would have spent and in the last few days I have received emails from the Bon Coeur and the Mains Tendues associations offering donations.  The latter two are teams of people, one team from Beauville and one from Varen, near St. Antonin who are constantly fund raising for small associations, be they caring for needy people or needy animals.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us when, I am sure, many of you have other problems at this time.

Adoptions have been great this month with dogs flying out almost as soon as they arrive, but as always, as they leave, so they arrive and there are some beauties on the adoptions page – as well as a pig !!

So, confinement is more or less over for the individual but I think our favourite bars and restaurants are going to need our support in the coming days as even if they open, the distance restrictions will surely cut down the numbers of people they can accommodate.  Having coffee on a sunny terrace watching the world go by will be nice and a friend said that it will be nice to be able to get out to spend money again.  Hmm, I managed to do that quite well from home buying plants for the garden !  If you have read previous letters you will gather that I have loved spending two months gardening, however that has come back to bite me on the … well, you know what.  Ernst and I had to cancel a weeks’ holiday in the mountains and have now been offered a week at Cap d’Ail …..this week !  Not possible, no time to get dog cover and I just cannot possibly leave the garden even for 24 hours, just so much to keep an eye on.  However, Ernst could go and spend a week with his sister, they get on very well, and I am trying to encourage him to go without looking too enthusiastic !

I have read a shedload (almost literally !) of books during confinement and, because of my deteriorating memory (thanks Dad) decided to write the titles and authors down, marking them out of ten.  Had a few 9s a couple of 2s and three 0s -couldn’t even finish those – but mostly around 8.  However, looking back at the list I realise I cannot remember what some of the books were about !  So I now have to write a bit about each book to remind myself.  Early onset dementia ?  Please no ! (‘Early’ ? Who am I trying to kid ?!).

This is a photo of a bed I bought intending to laze on  in the garden sipping home made lemonade !  Well that never happened so I put it to another use !

Sue x


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