1ST APRIL 2019

First the brilliant news that Pieter Puppy has been adopted !  He is just a delightful little lad, I’ll miss him, but he could not be going to a better home.  A lovely young couple who are touring round Europe in a van for a while before going back to England in the Autumn.  Nathan is a walking and climbing guide so Pieter will be able to go to work with him often and have a really fabulous life.

Just wish Daisy could be as lucky !  We have had a bit of interest for Filou so hopefully have saved her from being pts when her owners return to Holland.  

All your Book Sale team are in full activity mode, I’m sorting through literally thousands of books to make sure you get the very best choice and our cake team are up to their elbows in flour, butter, chocolate, coffee and carrots to provide you with, as usual, the very best of best home made cakes.  We are over subscribed with books but always happy to take more, so please bring any donations along on the day and they will kick start our Autumn sale.  Now then, I don’t want to upset anyone but I really don’t know how to say in any other way, books should be in a good condition to be sold.  We do not need books which are falling apart, are yellow from age and smell musty, guide books from when god was a boy, Readers Digest compilations and last year’s calendars (believe me !).  Books with badly cracked spines, books which are missing outside covers (again, believe me !) and books which contain insect collections from attics, can all be left out of your donation box, they can be taken to the dustbin which is where I would have to take them.  However, as I said, I do not wish to upset anyone so if you are not sure, ask yourself if you would buy a book in that condition.  I do all the sorting of the books and putting them in to categories and I honestly love it, being a book freak I am never happier than with a book in one hand and white chocolate in the other !  So, any complaints about any of the books at the sale, seek me out.  I did want to add a category ‘Who the xxxx knows’ and may still do so.

Talking of white chocolate (next best thing to eating it) I emailed my special pal Gaynor to tell her that I had bought her a wonderful white chocolate and blackcurrant chip Easter egg from Lidl …….. and had just finished it !  Delicious !  She replied thanking me for being such a good friend and protecting her from all those calories – and she hoped they all went to my hips !  Thing is, how do I tell her I have just done the self same thing again ?!!  They are just too too gorgeous.  However, friend Gabi tells me that chocolate bought for someone else then consumed by the purchaser is not fattening.  Same with Haribo sweets eaten on a car journey !

Had my pal Susie over from England for a week, always fun and the first night she was here we went to eat moules frites.  We were eight ‘à table’ and guess who got the rogue mussel !  I have never felt so ill in my life and was sure that I was going to die !  I was up all night being ill and the next day was no use to man nor beast.  We always have a Silly Ladies Supper when Susie is here and came very close to cancelling but decided to go ahead as I felt much better two days later.  Then, on the actual day  I was not good again and poor Susie had to host whilst I tried not to look at any food.  We always have a competition at the suppers and this time I had told everyone to bring along a photo of themselves taken before they were a year old and we would have to guess who was who.  You have never heard such hilarity and squeals of 13 females “No, I don’t believe it, that can’t be  you”.  I didn’t guess anyone – hardly even myself as I am sure the fat little girl on the beach in a gingham dress and hat, was another kid eating sand and the photo was identified as being me by mistake ! !

Just had to share these photos with you.  Gaynor’s new little babe Brie (the white one !) and my own darling Olivia.  Believe it or not there is only five months difference between them !

Sue xx


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