Well that’s January over !  Where it went I’m not too sure but it has gone !  Looking through my diary I see that my resolution for 2019 to spend more time doing what I want to do has gone to hell in a handcart, as has my intention not to take in any more dogs !  However, the two coming in soon are tiddly widdly elderly little Coton de Tulears.  Two females who have been used for breeding purposes, have never lived ‘en famille’, being kept in cages in a room adjoining the family house.  The ‘charming’ couple who had them are now going back to the U.K., and told the girl who came to groom the dogs (at least they did that), that the dogs would be put to sleep.  Luckily for the couple another of my resolutions is not to, knowingly, insult anyone, because I swear that their telephone line would be in flames with what I would like to say to them.  The lovely groomer got straight in to action and, surprise, surprise, the littleboys are coming here.  Not at all socialised they will take up residence in my bedroom until they are used to other dogs.

All this will be happening when I come back from England mid February because in about ten days’ time I’m off on my Reading Retreat !  Not sure if I have mentioned this before, the retreats are held in small, lovely location, bijoux guest houses, about ten or so people per retreat and basically, you just take your favourite cosy clothes and a supply of books – or if you like books can be provided – and you spend three days………reading !  All meals, snacks and drinks are included and you can either eat with the others in the dining room or privately in your room. At each retreat there is a different author who comes for one evening so I thought I had better read one of ‘our author’s’ books – Humphrey Hawkesley -, hmm, I couldn’t get past the first chapter, a spy adventure with lots of deaths and shootings ! There is a optional walk every day if you feel the need to blow cobwebs away.  The one I am going to is in Thorpeness, Suffolk, which is not far from my old stomping ground so I can take the opportunity to catch up with my Essex mates.  So many people have questioned the sanity of paying to go away to read saying “but you can do that at home !”  Uh uh, oh no you can’t if you live my life.  Busy, busy and if I do sit down to read, I am always thinking “should be doing this” or “should be doing that” so it is not really a restful read.  Bedtime reading ?  Yes, of course, but like many others, I manage a couple of pages before the book has fallen and I’m asleep.  So I am going to enjoy this and ya boo sucks to anyone who thinks I am crazy !

Talking of books, if you are between 50 and 70 and haven’t read ‘ No I don’t want to join a Book Club’ by Virginia Ironside, please do.  Brilliant and very amusing.  She has also written three other books about the same character, ‘No I don’t need reading Glasses’ plus two others.  Very enjoyable.

Dogs !  I’m having trouble downloading photographs at the moment, my laptop is in a ‘don’t like you’ mood !  This probably because  one of our cats has decided that the keyboard is a great place to sleep and consequently ‘typing’ in the most amazing combinations which have finally sent the computer completely round the bend.  But, help is at hand, I have a new laptop which a friend is coming round to help me install during the week, so hopefully I’ll have photos of new dogs very shortly.  I will try to get them on before though.  We have two adorable puppies, one very sweet and cuddly and one ……. a little devil !  There is also a male youngster of seven months who looks just like my Josie, a very sleek lovely lad, smooth haired in a sort of cafe latte and cream colour.  Leo, the seven year old JR is a great little lad.

Rain !  Will it ever stop ?  The dogs are happily splashing around in mud whilst we cannot get down to the gate without getting splattered.  I cannot count the times I have cleaned my boots to no avail so have no come up with the idea of wearing wellies to the gate and changing in the car !

Have a great February, hmm just realised I will be away for Valentine’s Day, wonder why Ernst has not pointed that out to me ………….. !

Sue x

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