BEST  NEWS  EVER !  Max’s owner’s circumstances have changed and she can now keep her beloved Max !

Max here is six years old and is a ‘biggie’ !!!  Under very sad circumstances his owner is looking for a new home for him.  Max is a Lab/Anatolian Shepherd dog, known for their protective qualities.  Max is chipped and neutered and weighs in at between 35 / 40 kilos, so not for the weak and feeble as he needs a very strong hand on the lead.  He loves to travel in the car and loves cuddles and affection.  When not on the lead he goes happily towards other dogs but can be difficult when on the lead.  He is not particularly a player or a fighter, very faithful to his owner. Max needs a home with someone who knows the breed and who has a large enclosed garden.  Up to now Max has been living in an apartment (!) with regular long walks but a good garden is really essential.  This will be an ‘owner to owner’ adoption and if you require more information please contact Mrs. Peterson on 0553617395.