Paco d'InvictusThere’s a long story here so bear with me !  Paco was adopted from a BB (bastard breeder for anyone who is new to the website).  A lovely couple took him intending to give him a good life and rescue him from the hell trap where he was living with many other Coton de Tulears, no effort having been made by the BB to socialise the pups.  The couple intended for Paco to be a central part of their family going everywhere with them, but poor Paco was just so frightened of everything that it was impossible for them to take him to work with them and there was a very distressing time when Paco escaped and was missing for six weeks, being found in a very poor condition.  Therefore, with broken hearts they brought Paco to my colleague Danielle.  Danielle has worked very hard with Paco to get him used to the new world around him, new faces and new surroundings.  He is making great progress.  He can however NEVER be left off the lead on a walk and MUST have a securely fenced in, escape proof, garden or an apartment life.  The person who adopts Paco must not baby him to increase his insecurities but treat him just as any other dog with the usual fun and kindness.  Paco now comes to Danielle when she calls and this is a HUGE step forward.  Every advice and help will be offered to the person who adopts lovely little Paco.