LucanRight, hands on the buzzer, who’s going to be first to put in a request to adopt Lucan ?  A fabulous four month Border Colley, one of a litter of NINE (!!!) found dotted around the countryside.  All have been adopted except for Lucan here and that is no reflection on the puppy  it is due to the fact that the pups were distributed in different places so adopters didn’t see all the nine, otherwise I am sure Lucan would have been the first to go.  Lucan is here at Poorpaws and is a wonderful chap.  Very bright.  As I have said before Borders are dogs who need to exercise the brain as well as the body, so we need a home where Lucan will  get mental stimulation such as agility as well as a lot of physical exercise.  Of course, ideal for him would be learning how to round up sheep, cows …. children ?!