First of all I have to say Happy Birthday today to one of my big brothers !!!  Phil is two years older than me and would love to come to live in France but cannot tear himself away from his grandchildren.  Or perhaps it is my lovely sister-in-law Carol who cannot  leave the grandchildren !!  Still, they live in a most beautiful part of Yorkshire so they are not too badly situated !  Hope you have had a great day Phil.

As for Ernst and me, well we are getting ready for our annual much awaited and loved week on the Il de Ré.  But, if anyone else says to me “you’re always on holiday” I will have to get really ugly and deck’ em.    Yes, we had our usual week at Cap d’Ail in September but we have just two one week holidays a year, usually one in May and one in September but because of my nephew’s wedding in May, the week on Ré had to be postponed.  Glad really because now we have it to look forward to !  Next year we are hoping to add a week in Cornwall to our calendar.

I am starting to believe that we should make the most of every single day – Carpe Diem and all that.  Don’t put things off do them now.  We have a lot of friends at the moment who are having a really shite time healthwise which makes you realise that we are not immortal.

Enough with the doom and gloom, look at all the puppies on the adoptions page, 24 of the little beggars all desperately hoping for a lovely caring home.  Believe me these are cuties of the serious degree and if someone doesn’t hurry and adopt the Brittanys I could well find myself adding them to our pack and Ernst would surely move out !  On the adoption front Ivan the lovely white Jack Russel has gone to a great home as have Jake and Louis – who turned out to be Louise !!  Please, please, please, can someone adopt Junot a most wonderful chap and Fleur who has come soooooo close  twice this week but has been passed over at the last minute.  Hey, they would make a great pair for someone looking for two dogs !

The most important news of the month is to tell you of our Autumn Book Sale !  To be held on the Saturday 24th October at the NEW  VENUE of the St. Pantaleon Salle de Fetes.  St. P is a tiny village (where I live actually) five minutes from Montcuq in the Lot.  10am start with the usual great selection of books and dvd’s at 1 euro, plus our famous yummy home made cakes which you can enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.  Extra this time will be soup and rolls and quiche and salad for a snack lunch.  The new venue means that all the goodies can be enjoyed whatever the weather, outside if warm and inside if cold/wet.  Ample parking in front or in the village car park down the road.  We want this to be our biggest and best sale, all proceeds going to dog rescue and cancer research.  Our own  Quercy Cake Goddess whose cakes, scones and hot cross buns you have enjoyed over the last few years is very seriously ill so this sale is very important to us for her sake and for ‘Tricia and Tony who are both fighting their own battles.  If you need any additional info please email me – susan.glibbery@orange.fr – bearing in mind I’ll be away from 3rd to 10th October.

A little funny for you.  Overheard at a business lunch, a lady who had two supergolfbores either side of her was patronisingly asked if she played golf. “Oh no” she said “I have an active sex life” !!!  Silence was the reply !!

Have a good month, can’t believe it is STILL sunny !

Sue x




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