Vide 2014

As  usual our annual second hand clothes stall at the Vide Grenier in Montcuq on the last Sunday in August was a huge success.  We arrived with a loaded up van and trailer and people were waiting just itching to get at the bags.  As you can see we had piles of garments and I am kicking myself not to have taken a photo at the end  when there were just a few bits and pieces left..  The secret of our success ?  We are not greedy,  most things are sold at just one or two euros whereas other clothes stalls were asking anything up to 20.  We would rather go home empty than pack up the twenty bags again.  We took over 500 euros, slightly down on last year but a very good day’s takings nonetheless.  Again my heartfelt thanks to Danielle and Lesley for their invaluable help during the very hot and busy day.  The money will be shared between Poorpaws, Danielle’s refuge and I will be sending an envelope off to Twilight.

The dogs have been going thick and fast – but of course, are coming in at the same speed too !!   Indy has found a great new home as have Chopin, Jezebel, Chester, Joley and fingers crossed for Moustache who some people are coming to see this week.  The best news is that Jojo’s owners have decided to keep him even though he looks as though he could end up being taller than them !!  My own lovely Josie will be going to stay with Jojo whilst I am on holiday and if it all works out then she will stay with him so that he has a playmate.  Whilst Josie is extremely deferential to all the dogs here, almost asking permission to play or sleep with them, she has the complete upper hand with Jojo and puts him in his place !

Did you notice how I slid the word ‘holiday’ in there ?!  Yes, it’s the Cap d’Ail time of year again.  We’re off with our friends down to the coast for ten days from the 6th to the 16th for a lovely time playing cards, reading and generally relaxing.  However, whilst we are there, I have to submit to the Ice Bucket Challenge !!  MVBF (my very best friend) sent me a video of herself having a bucket of cold water poured over her and before the ghastly deed said that she nominated me and friends Annie and Sue to do the same.  Now, we don’t have television so I knew nothing about this craze and thought it was something MVBBF (my very best BATTY friend) had thought up as a lark.  I do remember hearing something about a politician challenging someone to do it but thought no more about it.  Apparently I am living in the dark ages because this is sweeping the nation.  I have agreed to do it, possibly because I am so mean and would rather get wet than pay out 10 euros or is it pounds (?) but mainly because the Macmillan nurses were absolute angels to my Dad in his last days.  So, watch out for the next newsletter there may be a VERY unflattering photo of moiself.  I am actually practising flinging my head back so that my hair fans out in slow motion with droplets falling like diamonds as you see in commercials, can’t be that difficult can it ?!

Being so NOT a domestic goddess, when I discover little household hints I like to share them with my friends who are all very happy to receive them, so I thought I would share some with you.

Cooking hints. 1)  When making a cake in a hurry for people who are arriving for tea within the hour, always make sure that the white crystals you put in the cake mixture are sugar and not salt. 2) When making an apple and ginger crumble, always wear your glasses to ensure that the spice you put in the crumble is in fact ‘gingembre’ and not   ‘coriandre’.  There, I bet you are glad I passed those on. Watch out next month for washing household hints.

Enough of this silliness, I haven’t had a rant yet, my friends Shelagh and Mo will be disappointed !  I could go on about Chopin the very first dog homed by me eleven years ago and who has been left behind whilst his family have moved to the UK but you all know my views on that sort of behaviour.  A complete opposite is the lovely Siobain previously of Hope Association, who is moving back to the UK with 12, yes TWELVE dogs !  Look out Dorset, here she comes !

I was hoping to be able to give you the final figures of the total raised by Gaynor with her fantastic cycling achievement but I don’t have them yet.  I’ll add them in as soon as I can.





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