Foxette StarFoxette Medalion

At Poorpaws here we are bursting with pride !!   Little Foxette had known nothing but misery before she went to the tender care of Rowan at the refuge in Carcassonne.  Taken in full of buckshot, a lame leg and a toe blown off, this little mite, understandably, was frightened of everyone.  She came up to Poorpaws and was adopted by Amber an English Setter and his family.  She learned to follow Amber everywhere but it took time for her to trust his humans.  Gradually, gradually her confidence grew and she went to live in England with Amber and co.  There she was entered into a dog competition and did so well she went into the Buckham Fair finals which was to be judged by none other than Martin Clunes.  Guess what, our little Foxette came SECOND !!!!!!  YEY !!  Well done Foxette you couldn’t be more loved and you deserve every ounce.