Wondering who this handsome chap is ?  Well it’s me, Fender (don’t you just love the name ?!).  I am a medium largish chap of just 15 months still hanging on like grim death to puppyhood.  I love to play and run around – energetically – am quite obediant and just adore everything human.  I’m great with kids and they just love me, always wanting to take me for walks.  This picture was taken when I was a bit of a wounded soldier having walked on a horrid piece of glass that some dumbskull of a human had left lying around.  I had to have more than one operation but was so gentle when I had to have bandages and dressings changed.  So why am I, the number one of friendly dogs, looking for a new home ?  Well, it’s cats !  Can’t stand the horrid spitting clawing things and I think the world would be better off without them.  Sadly my owners have three (!) and seem very attached to them.  They have tried and tried to get me to like them and live peacefully with them but I’m sorry, ain’t even going  there.  I’m sure there must be an equally nice home out there for me with a fenced in garden just looking for a chipped, vaccinated and neutered handsome lad.  Get in touch with Sue at Poorpaws and she will point you in the right direction !