2ND JUNE 2014

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Well hallo again, aren’t the months just flying by ?  Ernst and I have just got back from our annual week on the Il de Ré and it was, as usual wonderful.  We are used to going in October when it is blissfully quiet there but thought we would have a change and go in May this year.  Quite a difference, all the shops and restaurants open and many more people around.  We are used to having the cycling tracks to ourselves but this time there were bicycles all over the place.  A bonus was the long light days which we don’t get in October so we think we will go in May again next year, but avoid a Bank Holiday period – if that is possible in May over here !  We had gorgeous weather, sun, fluffy white clouds but quite a bit of breeze which made the cycling, for me anyway, more difficult despite the flat as a pancake landscape.  I could never understand why whether we were going out or coming home, the wind was always against me !  I am quite a bit (well, actually a lot) shorter than Ernst so whereas he just cycles slowly along, I am behind him with my little legs going like pistons trying to keep up.  I don’t think we ever, during the whole week, got back home at the same time as he was always so far ahead and didn’t bother to wait for me at junctions so I never knew which way he had gone ! 

A bonus also was the fact that I could watch Roland Garros in the afternoon (we don’t have TV at home).  Mind you, I spent a lot of the time screaming at the screen ” have you even HEARD of Andy Murray ?”  Honestly, I love France and love living here, but really, in England when Wimbledon is on it is on television from midday until end of play WITHOUT ADVERTS.  In France, even though play starts at 11 am, it is not on TV until three o’clock and then goes off at 8 with adverts every five minutes.  Sooooo frustrating !  Actually I’m telling porkies to say we don’t have TV, we do have a set but I use it only for dvd’s and the lovely Keith comes round once a year to connect me up for Wimbledon, after which it is unplugged again.  People sometimes ask me whatever do we do in the evenings if we don’t have television.  Well, I have to say, Radio 4 is on from the minute I get up to the minute Ernst comes to bed and we read, we play cards and Backgammon.  It is surprising how quickly you get used to not having the box.  When I go to UK I always think I’ll have a real tellyfest but there never seems to be anything interesting on.  Obviously there are some really good series but I can and do get those on dvd.

Right, having bored you to tears, lets talk about something very important – fund raising !!  July 12th in your diaries please, our second Hog Roast.  The first was a great success two years ago so we thought we would do another.  Tickets are 22.50 euros and you will be treated to live music, a great meal and all round a great evening.  I know it is difficult for vegetarians – I am one – but we will be royally catered for, just let us know when booking and keep your back to the piggy.  To be held at the St. Pantaleon Salle de Fetes.  Please book as early as possible,you can email me, susan.glibbery@orange.fr or ‘phone me on 0565245303.  I will be sending out détails to those of you on my mailing list.

The second Very Important Event is my mate Gaynor’s INCREDIBLE attempt at one of the Tour de France – TOUR  DE  FRANCE  FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE – stages.  Besides being completely bananas Gaynor is an absolute dog lover and cycling fanatic and follows the Tour closely.  Last year she and husband Philip took part in the amateur stage (which is one of the most difficult parts of the Tour).  Gaynor didn’t quite make it, but this year she is determined to finish and she is doing it to raise money for Dog Rescue.  Please go to the website Gaynorpedals4dogs.com and see the enormous challenge that she is facing.  If, like me, you are completely in awe and want to support Gaynor and through Gaynor, Poorpaws, go to the donations page.  You can give as little or much as you like.  Every single cent will go to help make an unhappy dog happy.

  I can tell you that having just cycled round Ré which has no hills over six inches, my legs go to jelly just at the thought of the mountains Gaynor will be cycling up.

Following our holiday I went round to Danielle’s to collect a few of the dogs she had been looking after for me and to catch up on who has been adopted and who has come in.  May was a good month !  Off to new homes went Itou and Ilou, Caline (yey !), Chopin, Athéna, the two lab cross pups and my little Bobby.  Of course lots have come in and you can see them all on the adoptions page – I’m keeping special fingers crossed for Jag, what a super boy !  You may  spot some changes to the adoptions page in that I have found out how to add little cartoony figures !  The dog running means the dog has been adopted, the little cute dog means “please adopt me” and the puppies mean …….. well, puppies actually.  How arty farty is that ?!

So, that’s my waffle over for another month, see you in July.


Sue x

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