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Your Barn Book Sale Team !
Your Barn Book Sale Team !

It was great, the weather was great and you were wonderful !!  Thank you sooo much to all who came along to support us and to those who couldn’t, hopefully next time ?  We have never had so many people which was really super as we had serious competition on that day !  You donated wonderful books  (albeit as with the clothes sale there are obviously those who don’t get the ‘in good condition and saleable’ concept !) which added to our good reputation so much so that we had requests to visit the day before from some who were unable to come on the day.  The cakes were just as yummy as ever, our Quercy Cake Queens pulled out all the stops and by 2pm there wasn’t a single cake crumb left (even all my ginger cake went !) so huge apologies to those who came later, we have already put the wheels in motion to ensure more goodies for next time.  Of course there are special thank yous, firstly to Lesley who yet again put her lovely barn and garden at our disposal,  to the gang who gave up their Wednesday afternoon to help sort hundreds of books (I won’t name them all for fear of forgetting someone and losing them for the next event !) to Tony who was indispensable taking and sorting the many books brought along on the day, and to our saviour Gary who, after we have cherry picked the left overs, takes the rest.  We raised a fabulous 1,500 euros half of which will be shared between Poorpaws, Twilight Retirement Home for Dogs, the Rescue Refuge at Castlenau Montratier and the other half will go to cancer research.  Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

Yummy !!
Yummy !!

Lots of adoptions in October, Iriane, now Kelli, the little black lab type pup ,now called Indy, see her on the Happy Endings page, Geronimo, Igor and lastly Caline who went to a wonderful home a week ago …………………….and came back yesterday !!  Silly girl Caline, a perfect, perfect home for her and what did she do ?  Went into a depression !  All her life Caline has been with lots of other dogs, first in a hunting pack where she was asked to leave as she is gun shy, then here at Poorpaws where she proved herself a gorgeous affectionate young lady.  Her prospective owners loved her and did everything to make her happy, but no, she turned into a nervous mess and spent most of her time hiding under the bed.  So I took her back yesterday and when we got home she leapt out of the car and bounced up the driveway dashing left and right to say hallo to everyone.  Then today she had an epilectic fit.  So, we now know she needs a home with another dog, more if possible and with someone who is not going to worry about the fits.

Djerk has also been adopted apparently.  I just love it when people beg for help to find a new home for a dog, then don’t have the common decency to let you know when the dog is sorted.  I had an enquiry for Djerk so happily rang the guy only to be told he had homed the dog “way back in the Summer”.  Thanks a bunch, my description of the owner on the website was obviously spot on !

A couple of days ago I was told about a poor dog tied up out in the countryside nowhere near any houses.  Lesley and I went to have a look and indeed there is a lovely dog tied to a tree with a ramshackle kennel beside him with no company except for three horses in the field.  The chain he is on, which is way below regulation length, was so tangled round the tree that the poor thing couldn’t even get to his kennel or his bowl of rotten green water.  The owner has been traced and when I spoke to her to see if she would like to rehome the dog she replied “oh no, I really love him”.  Words fail me, well actually they don’t but I cannot print them.  So at least we now know about the poor animal we can do everything possible to make his life a bit more bearable – he already looked so happy when we stuffed his kennel full of the bale of straw we had taken along.

Can’t believe it is already nearly two months since I left work – when did I ever have the time to go there ?!  Ernst and I had a wonderful week on the Il de Ré as usual, then his cousin came to stay, which meant that we had to move back into the bedroom in the mobile home.  We had a lovely time with her here and I saw more of Cahors in five days than I have in twelve years !  Now my friend Sue is coming over to help me celebrate my “when I’m 64” birthday and we have a very busy few days lined up.  I’ll probably need to lie down until Christmas after that.  Christmas !  Yikes !  If you need to top up on cards I have some for sale, in aid of the dogs, at the English Library in Montaigu de Quercy and on rain-free Saturdays I will be selling at the market there.  It was funny yesterday as people kept coming up to me saying “got any Christmas cards ?” and I’d get out the boxful behind my stand.  I felt as if I was selling illegal substances !

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful Indian summer and get reading so you can bring the books back for the next sale.  Oh, by the way if anyone bought a book about Brigitte Bardot, can they let me buy it back when they have read it ?  I promised a friend I’d put it by for her ….. and promptly forgot !


Sue x

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