Hmm, 1st October – Happy Birthday brother Phil !

Well it’s over !  My horrid Summer job has finally come to an end and I am free !  Well actually I’ve been free since the 15th September and have had a great fun week on the Cote d’Azur with friends Sue, Jan and ‘Ouisa (Louise).  We had nothing but really hot sunshine which was a good excuse to do very little except laze around the pool, read, and play cards.  Isn’t it lovely that when you are on holiday it always seems to be aperitif time ?!  The week got off to a giggly start when I bought a new mobile ‘phone, plugged it in to charge up whilst we played cards, then was surprised three hours later to find it wasn’t working.  I started off on one, casting curses  at the thieving supermarket ‘without a mother’ where I had bought it.  Then one of the girls asked mildly if I had put the battery in it.  Battery ? What battery ?  Surely it wasn’t for me to put the battery in, it should already be in there !!  Apparently not but never mind, luckily they were all there to get it up and running for me.  I learned how to text but it takes me for ever just to send a very short text and anyone nearby has their ears assaulted by expletives and deletives ! 

Motillons et moiWhilst I was down there I went to visit Holly, one of the loves of my life, in her new home, along with her ‘brothers’ Hector and Houston who also came from Poorpaws.  I was happy (and a little sad) to find that Holly only had eyes for her new owners and couldn’t have cared less if I was there or not.  You will see in the photo that I have to hold her collar to keep her near me but she is staring adoringly at Olivia.  There’s faithfulness for you !!  Seriously, she, and Hector and Houston just could not have fallen into better hands. 

You will see from the adoptions page and the missing photos that September was a great month and very many dogs went off to lovely new homes.  A couple of new ones and there will be more, including a Boxer for you Boxer fans.

I think several of you know that I sell greetings cards at the market at Montaigu Market (and at the English Library there).  I buy them in bulk from the UK and am able to sell them at just 1 euro each.  Well I just wanted to mention here a lovely lady called Hayley who I ordered a number of cards from.  When Hayley learned what I wanted them for, she threw in several packs free and made a HUGE reduction on postage.  Thank you Hayley, you are obviously a lovely person and you can be sure I will order from you again.

Someone has pointed out to me that I should mention the website chiensperdu.org.  If you find or have lost a dog, take a look at this site as many dogs have been reunited with their owners as a result.

VERY  IMPORTANT !!  In the last newsletter I mentioned that our Autumn Book Sale would be on the 19th October.  However, due to the fact that our Quercy Cake Godess will be in the UK then, we have changed the date to the 26th.  So we do hope you will be able to come along, usual place, Lesley’s Barn at Beliben, Sauzet, usual time 10 am to 3pm, usual price, 1 euro per book, 1 euro per dvd and usual yummy cakes, tea and coffee.  We are collecting books now, so get in touch 0565245303 if you want us to collect.  It is better for us to have them the week before so that we have a couple of days to sort but obviously you are welcome to bring them along on the day.

Ernst and I are off to our beloved Ile de Ré on the 5th for a week. I know, I know, but he deserves a holiday too .  From the look of the weather forecast  I shouldn’t have been so mean when buying my last pair of walking boots and should have forked out a bit (well, actually a LOT) more for the waterproof ones !!

See you at the Book Sale !


Sue x 


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