August 31st 2013


It has been a long hot month !  Hours at work have been very long and tempers very short !!  Boy was I ever wrong about the new owners at the Auberge !  He is ok but she is ………….. well, ‘she who must be obeyed’ and woe betide you if you don’t !  After shedding tears of anger on the way home on several occasions having been totally unfairly ‘got at’ I decided just to go with the flow and gave myself a strict talking to.  Only six weeks to go (now two !) and I am out of there FOR  GOOD.  Apparently I am “slow” (I am twenty years older than the others !), “lethargic” and if I didn’t want to work I shouldn’t have asked for work !!  This after I made a backhand comment after being told that I had to work on my night off, therefore couldn’t go to my friend’s 60th birthday party, because the girl who does work on that night was going to a wedding !!  However, what goes round comes around and there was a wonderful moment a week or so ago when one of the clients took the the owner for my mother !!!!  She is six years younger than me.  I didn’t dare laugh, she heard but I thought it prudent to pretend I hadn’t !!

Vide Grenier 2013 001 (3)On a much happier note our clothes stall at the Montcuq Vide Grenier, was, as ever, a huge success and a huge thank you to all of you who parted with really great clothes for us to sell.  As for those who didn’t quite understand “clean and saleable”, well, we have saved you a trip to the tip, which is perhaps what you wanted !  We made 540 euros which is about 80 down on last year explained by the fact that it rained in the afternoon so we had to close down earlier.  Ernst only had to take five bags to Emmaus on Monday compared to 13 last year.  Thanks as ever to Danielle and Lesley for giving up your Sunday to work so hard whilst I stood around and chatted !!

The next sale is on 12th September at La Sirene restaurant at Montaigu de Quercy, (close to the Post office) on Thursday 12th September.  This time we are selling new and nearly new designer and nearly designer clothes at bargain prices.  Armani and YSL are only a couple of the labels on sale so come along from 11 am to 2pm, have coffee and cake, or even better lunch and make a girls’ day of it.

Make a wish !
Make a wish !

Those of you who have been following Poorpaws news for a few years may remember Scoop.  Scoop was one of the first dogs Poorpaws took from the Carcassonne SPA.  He had been there for a long time and had just given up on being adopted.  Going from jumping happily when people walked by to just laying down and not showing any interest, seeming to understand that he wouldn’t be chosen.  (Oh no, I’m crying again !)  Well after being at Poorpaws for a while enjoying being in a much smaller refuge, Scoop was chosen by Mr. Vanucci (see them on the Happy Endings page) had a name change to Teddy  and has just celebrated his seventh birthday in style with cake and champagne !

Make mine a big bit !
Make mine a big bit !

A story to encourage you, if you need encouraging, to get your dog chipped (and I always recommend putting your telephone number on your dog’s collar).  A friend of mine recently lost her little dog who had run off with the neighbour’s dog.  This had happened before and she always came back, however my friend had recently moved.  I contacted the refuge in Cahors and a few days later received by email a photo of my friend’s dog asking if it was her’s.  Then the fun started !  The dog wasn’t actually at the refuge but was with some holiday makers who had found her.  I got the number and eventually made contact.  Yes they had found the dog but “another lady” had taken her.  It turned out the neighbour’s dog was chipped so contact was made rapidly.  When the neighbour went to collect her dog she saw my friend’s and said that as they couldn’t find the owner, she would take her too !!  So, for the last few days, my friend’s dog had been living just 300 metres down the road !  She was quickly recuperated – much to the chagrin of the neighbour’s children – and the following day I took her to get her chipped.  Even more of a coioncidence, the receptionist at ‘my’ vets recognised the little dog as the holiday makers had taken her there to check for the chip in the first place !!  So, if you don’t want your dog living down the road, get him/her chipped !!

Not a huge number of adoptions this month, August is always slow, so the Adoptions page is quite long.  something for everyone I believe though.

We’ll be having our Autumn Book Sale in October – probably the 19th – so get sorting !  Out with the Summer poolside reads and in with the Autumn fireside warmers !

I’m off on 18th September  with mates Sue, Louise and Jan, down, as usual to the Cote d’Azur for a week of cards, reading, general lazing and perhaps a glass or two.  Ernst will be holding the fort here happy to be free to Suduko all day !!


Sue x

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