Febuary 2011

February already and we are having some wonderful, wonderful weather, really makes one believe that Spring will actually arrive. (Sorry if it’s not the same where you are !)

‘Adoptions are doing quite well, Danielle’s girls and puppies have gone to new homes and after being at Poorpaws for several months Fulham has immediately followed his brother, going to a new home very soon.  Coincidentally, also to camping car fanatics!  Luckily Fulham doesn’t seem to have the car sickness problem that Fuller had.

Great news that Poppy the spaniel has been found.  The poor thing had been living rough and was very happy to get back to comfort and love.

Our next Barn Book Sale will be on Easter Saturday at the same barn venue in Beliben  (just down the road from Sauzet in the Lot).  So, can I ask you to start reading as fast as you can and let us know if you have books to donate.  Please come along on the day to buy your summer reading and enjoy tea, coffee and delicious cakes – none made by me, promise

We also would love audio books, dvd’s and cd’s, but no videos, sorry, they just don’t sell.

Thank you to those who have enquired about my wrist !  The pins are out thank goodness, it was getting very ‘ouch’ as they had started to travel up the back of my hand !  It’s now down to physio in order to be able to go back to work in March.  Shame, I enjoy being at home and spending more time with the dogs.

Now, take a look at the adoptions page, there are some real sweeties, oh, and if any of you know the English guy who just dropped his dog off at the SPA  Carcassonne on his way to the airport to leave to live back in the UK, WITHOUT leaving the agreed donation, me and ‘de boyz’ would like to get in touch with him in a  “hands round the neck” sort of way.

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