2ND JULY 2013

July 2nd and is that the sun I see up there in a blue sky ????  Welcome back, lovely to see you, it’s been far too long !!!

I should have written this yesterday but have to admit to being glued to the television for Wimbledon.  Poor Laura, she so nearly made it and well done Andy.  Also well done Sabine Lsicki (spelling ?), the German girl who put out Serena.  What I really love about Lsicki is that she actually SMILES during a match !  All the other players are so, so serious, well of course it is serious for them; but how lovely to see someone who looks as if she is actually enjoying playing.  Takes me back to the good old Chris Evert, Martina, Connors and McEnroe days.  Well perhaps McEnroe didn’t smile too much but he was entertaining and he has turned into a really great person and an excellent commentator.

Very remiss of me last month not to mention friends Pat Lockett and Pat Norton-Angus who organised a  second hand designer clothes sale for Poorpaws.  We netted 300 euros and the dogs are eating again.  Joke !  Thank you so much Pat and Pat, I look forward to the Autumn sale now.

On the subject of clothes, it is time to sort out all your clothes ready for the Poorpaws second hand clothes sale at the Montcuq vide grenier at the end of August.  We always have a great selection of clothing and hope we will do so again this year.  You may not have yet put your winter woolies away and as you have been wearing them for longer than usual this year, you are probably fed up with them, so send them our way.  You’ll only have time to wear your new Summer stuff, so we might as well take the old off your hands !  Clothes can be delivered to me at Montaigu de Quercy market on a Saturday morning (warn me first to make sure I have room in the car), or to me here in St. Pantaleon, or we will be happy to collect – so long as you are not in Paris !!  Please, no underwear or paint spattered t-shirts.  We sell clean, rewearable clothes and any not sold will go to Emmaus.

A couple of R.I.P’s this month.  Our dear old black Lab Sukie developed an inoperable tumour and went over the rainbow a couple of weeks ago.  Sukie came to us about five years ago (then called Sikie if you ever did !) from a horrid git who gave me a cock and bull sob story, which I believed, promising to come and walk her regularly, bring us vegetables from his garden and regular payments.  I should have seen the pigs flying by, we had two donations of 20 euros and from then on all we heard was stories he was spreading about me saying he had given me 200 euros to take Sukie !!!  She was happier with us and turned from an ailing old girl with hardly any fur, to a fine and dandy elderly lady who lived into her 15th year.  Sleep tight sweetie and I forgive you (almost) for the cat !!

Then there was Dylan.  I never met Dylan but his owner told me all about him when she got in touch after finding a stray.  Michelle said she couldn’t possibly keep the stray (happily his owner was found) as Dylan just DID NOT accept newcomers.  He was one lucky dog who  would have spent a very long time in a refuge and probably PTS for being unhomeable.  A category cross dog who was totally unsociable and scary I hope he appreciated how Michelle put her life on hold for him.  The story I love is the one where Michelle was advised to get a dog behaviourist to visit Dylan and give advice how to handle and socialise him.  The guy went in, put Dylan down on his back straight away and tickled his tummy.  Then he stood up and said “see we are friends”.  That’s when Dylan bit him.  I’m not sure if it was the indignity of being put on his back or just teaching the guy a lesson.  Anyway Dylan spent his life in a wonderul park and being walked very carefully by Michelle.  Old age was the only thing that got the better of him.  I hope you’re happy Dylan and be nice to Sukie, she has been known to get annoyed too !!

Regulars to the Poorpaws website will know that I have a tendance to rant and rave sometimes.  Well, here comes one.  Leeanne and Mike who run Twilight Retirement Home are just about the kindest people I know – in fact I think it’s because their hearts are so big that we haven’t seen the sun much lately !  Leeanne and Mike, not in the best of health themselves are totally selfless devoting all their time and money to looking after the canine oldies.  So when I hear of people criticising them for taking a much deserved break thanks to the generosity of Mum, it makes me want to hit someone.  Leeanne won’t tell me who the person is but if by any chance he or she is reading this,  know that I consider you a total shite.

On a brighter side, as I said in last month’s news, I’m back working at the Auberge de la Tour in Sauzet for the Summer and wow, what a difference !!  I can confirm that new owners are lovely.  Friendly and welcoming to customers – we’re not used to that at the auberge ! – and the food is great, much better than before.  So do come along without fear , I really want them to do well, they deserve it.  If you want to avoid me I work Saturday evenings, and Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes and evenings.

So, dogs !  Quite a few adoptions and great news that the owners of Dixie and Koko have decided they can’t bear to be parted from them, move to a smaller house in UK or not.  I couldn’t be happier.  Lots of lovely very needy dogs on the Adoptions page, I’d love Ivor to find a new home very soon, he is bored with the old ones here and needs a younger playmate, he’s a super boy.  Take a look at the Adoptions even if you don’t think you want a dog now and look at the ‘Dog’s Will’, if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, as I’ve said before, you probably need help !!!

Back to the tennis now, have a great July,

Sue x

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