IvorMeet Ivor the Adorable !!  Ivor was found half starved, fending for himself on the outskirts of Toulouse.  With the help of two lovely couples he landed here at Poorpaws.  Sooooooo scared at first he sat in the car looking at the other dogs, who were dying to say hallo, pitifully growling but wagging his tail at the same time as if not sure whether to put on a tough guy act or show his true friendly colours.  The true colours are well and truly out and he is fabulous.  At the moment he is all legs and head with his little ribs showing through but he will soon be his correct weight and ready to go.  We think he is about three or four months old and will probably be on the larger side of medium – however, what do I know, I usually get it wrong !!  Ivor loves to play but sadly we only have older fogies here at Poorpaws so the sooner he goes to a home where he has another pal to play with the better.  Also before I can’t bear to see him leave !!

RESERVED !! ………………………..ADOPTED !!!!