December 2012

“I thought that not having to go to work any more would mean that I’d have loads of spare time, a bedroom and mobile home that were forever clean and tidy and delicious home made suppers every evening. Well I’m not sure what’s gone wrong but what I am wondering is how on earth did I ever have time to go to work ??!! November has been a very busy month with something to be done every day.

I went over to the UK for two days to my last remaining Aunt’s cremation. Although a sad occasion it gave me the opportunity of seeing and staying with two of my closest oldest friends whom I haven’t seen for far too long. Also, it was lovely meeting up again with lots of family members. Cousins, their children and even their children (eek !). It also made me realise that Aunty Beryl was the last of our family’s ‘older’ generation, so the next generation is mine! Again, eek !!

The service was ‘cosy’ if I can use my favourite word, ending with a lovely recording of ‘”Daisy, Daisy” the song my Aunty sang to each family baby to get them off to sleep.

Another plus to that couple of days was being able to buy Krispi Kreme maple glazed doughnuts at Stanstead ! I’m seriously thinking of leaving dog adoption and starting a Krispi franchise over here !!

Talking of dogs, there were some good adoptions this week, sadly not from Poorpaws but from the website. The best news is that the blind Brittany – which pulled in more enquiries than any other dog this month – has gone to a great home and latest news is that he is doing just fine. You will have seen our super Kirby on the adoptions page. Poor love was very frightened when she was brought to us with all her brood but she is great now and fast getting fed up with all her babies. Should have thought of that Kirby when you were in slapper mood !! The pups are beautiful and doing very well. They’ll be ready to go to homes after Christmas.

The mother and owner of Barney and Courtney were traced and, as we thought, they will be quite big gentle dogs if Mum is anything to go by. There are other brothers and sisters and the owner was quite happy for us to keep B and C and to home them.

Following a trip to the vet our cheeky Border Colley pup Harvey was found to have one dodgy eye and only one family jewel !! The vet assures me that the eye thing will cause no problem to Harvey whatsoever and he will even be able to work very well as his parents do. As to the other little matter, well if it doesn’t ‘descend’ by the time Harvey is four months, the vet will have to go looking for it !!

Christmas is nearly upon us and anyone wanting to adopt a puppy must remember that they are not “just for Christmas”. Puppies have to go to a calm, peaceful home, not one where children are hyper at the thought of a strange man climbing down the chimney. Poorpaws is more than happy to reserve a pup for you to collect after the festivities when you have time to take proper care of your new pal.

We’re off to Switzerland for a couple of days next week to clear out the apartment of Ernst’s sister who died earlier in the month (stay away from me, people are falling like flies all around !) then we’ll be going to his other sister at Annecy for a couple of days over Christmas. Don’t worry, the dogs will be left in good care and will have their own Christmas goodies.

Talking of goodies, cards are starting to arrive and I would like to thank Diane Mason for the generous donation. Also, a huge thank you to Julie for an amazing donation after I checked up on a dog she was worried about following a holiday near here. There are some smashing people about.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas / New Year and a million thanks for your support throughout the year.

With love,

Sue xx

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