June 2012

Well, the total embarrassment of it all !  ‘Nul Points’ for Poorpaws last month – not a single adoption !!  I don’t think that’s ever happened before.  Greta had two close calls but nothing came of them (so far).  Come on, let’s “could do better” for June.


But there is some happy news.  Long term Poorpaws followers will remember Bracken the gorgeous Brittany Spaniel who turned out to be a star on the agility circuit.  Well I met his owners in town a couple of years ago and – tongue in cheek – suggested that it was time Bracken had a playmate.  They nervously agreed but said they would only consider a Border Collie puppy.  Bingo !  We had one.  A couple of days later I took the pup round to meet them.  They (well actually , he) insisted that they were only ‘looking’ and it would only be a trial.  Yeah right !  Mrs. Unsworth and I exchanged raised eyebrow looks behind his back.  Anyway, a couple of years on and, guess what, Fern (Fern, Bracken – geddit ?) is proving to be a star too as you can see from these photos.  I should say


here that this does not happen just like that.  Mr. Unsworth spends an awful lot of time and patience out there training them both and they love it – all
three of them.  Mr. Unsworth is always happy to give tips and I’m always threatening to dump a couple of the less obedient dogs round there !

Most dogs love agility and it is a great way to keep them fit and happy – why not give it a go ?

Carnet Noir (As they say here in France)
Those of you who have been ‘with’ Poorpaws since the beginning will remember Bella, the very first dog we took in after I found her in an awful state at the side of the road, shortly after we moved to this area of France. So, in fact, Bella was responsible for all this madness !   If you have actually been to visit us you will certainly remember her.  A largish hunting dog with droopy black ears and the most amazing “Ooouuuaaahhh” howl.  Bella was petrified of humans when she first came here and would sit up on the hill watching us, only coming down to eat when we weren’t around.  Getting a lead on her was impossible, well I could get one on her but she would immediately throw herself to the ground yelping and she never ever grew out of that.  However, she did learn to love people and adored visitors very kindly allowing them to stroke her – but wasn’t so keen when they stopped.  Well, you know what’s coming, she died during the night of Thursday 31st May.  It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with all of it, suffice to say that there is a very empty space here where she should be and my heart has taken another knock.  Sleep well my beauty-Belle I miss you so very much, and look after the other Poorpaws wherever you are.

Ok tissues away, what else do I have to tell you ?  The Piggy Roast !!  We are hoping that as many of you as possible will attend our Piggy Roast on Friday 29th June at the St. Pantaleon Salle de Fetes.  Blues Train will provide the music and the tickets are 20 euros.  Please call/email me to book tickets.  There will be a vegetarian alternative for us ‘veggies’, just let us know when you book.  As always, profit will be split between dog rescue and cancer research.

It’s my favourite time of year again and the lovely Keith will be coming round to connect up our television for its’ annual two weeks’ use………for……..WIMBLEDON !!!!  Excuse me if the next Poorpaws News is a couple of days late, Roger (Federer) will need all of my attention !!
Sue x
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