Happy Endings – Dogs Adopted Through Poorpaws

Below you will find dogs that Poorpaws has had up for adoption and who are now happily living with their new families having been homed either by Poorpaws or one of the many other dog rescue groups that we work with. These dogs are featured here because we have received an update and some pictures of their new life.

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April 23, 2019

Ok, get this, Lady is a Colley ……..Basset cross !  I know, I know,  well actually I have no idea who was Mum and who was Dad !!  Lady is Basset height – so short –  with, as you can see, Colley fur and features.  She is eight years old and is up for adoption as her elderly owner has to go in to a home.  Lady is full of beans, is very affectionate and would make a wonderful companion.


April 22, 2019

Love the name !  Oxo is a gorgeous six month Schnauzer mix boy who needs a little more education but is coming on just fine.  He is a lovely friendly little lad.


January 4, 2019

Leo is a Jack Russell and everything that goes with the breed !  Lively, affectionate and stubborn !  I know there are lots of you JR lovers out there, so don’t wait too long.  Leo is seven years old so great for an active couple or family.  Fenced in garden advised.


May 16, 2017

What a lovely photo of us and what a clever photographer who managed to snap us when we sat still for one minisecond !  We are Brandy and Whisky, brother and sister of Nick (lower down).  We were so lucky to be adopted together so are having double fun – and, perhaps, getting into double mischief !!!


May 16, 2017

You see it was like this.  A lovely family needed a companion for their dog Poppy so I, Izzy (formerly Binky) was drafted in.  As you can see even though I am smaller I have taken Poppy well under my wing and am looking after her.

“Hmm” says Poppy, “look closer at the photo and you will see I’ve got my eye open and on you Izzy, you crept up when I was sleeping you whippersnapper.  However, I have to say you are great fun and I love having you here, just don’t get too big for your paws !”


April 12, 2017

I may have been the last pup in the litter to be chosen but even if I had to wait a bit longer than the others I have surely fallen on all four paws !  My new owner is lovely, we live together in Juan les Pins (if you don’t mind !!) and I go everywhere with her.  Well that’s enough from me, just have to check out the contents of this basket again then go for a lie down on a sunbed – ‘aint life tough sometimes ?!!! 


April 12, 2017

Well, do I regret my previous life of being ignored and left to fend for myself ?  Huh, what do you think, just look where I am living now !  Life is just fantastic I have wonderful new owners and the bestest of best playpals.  We walk, we swim and I have the most comfortable bed I have ever had in my life.  I am so HAPPY !!!


February 6, 2017

Well I waited long enough but boy was it worth it !  I have been adopted by a great couple who take me for brilliant walks.  AND (Sue’s note, you shouldn’t start a sentence with ‘and’ Lucien) get this, they have the very   l o n g e s t and biggest swimming pool ever.  It is at the bottom of the garden and the neighbour’s garden and the neighbour’s neighbour’s garden, in fact it goes on for longer than I can see.  I’ve already been swimming but the guys wouldn’t come with me – wusses !


February 6, 2017

Ok so I see Sue hasn’t improved in her computer skills but you can still see that it is me, Maiko in the photo.  I’m called Scooby now and the name suits me very well.  I have been adopted by a lovely family with a H U G E garden, a  H U G E  other dog to show me the ropes and two children to cuddle me to the skies.  What more could a dog want ?


February 6, 2017

Yes I know you want me to look at the camera but personally I think this is my best side, shows my fine profile ! Poorpaws followers will recognise me as Scruffboy but I have been adopted into the most brilliant family and they have changed my name to Jim,  Lucky Jim you could say ! Life just couldn’t get better !

lancelot-finally-homeWell I waited long enough to be chosen and boy was it worth it !!  What a journey I had, from Danielle’s to overnight at Sue’s then picked up by Peter and Louise (plus Dalmation Digby another ex-Poorpaws).  Then I stayed overnight with Peter and Louise before setting off VERY early in a car on a Very Long Journey.  We even went on a boat across water !  It would have been nice to have a swim but I had to stay in the car with Digby – perhaps because he was frightened and needed me for company, luckyily I am a very brave boy. When the boat stopped I was inspected by a man in a uniform who was obviously very impressed with me.  Another car ride, another overnight stop and FINALLY I arrived at my lovely new forever home.  As you can see in the photo I’m getting lots of cuddles and I just know that this is where I’m going to be Very Happy


October 4, 2016

brandy-new-homeHiya, Brandy here, you may remember I was on the adoptions page a while ago after my beloved mistress had to go to a home where I wasn’t accepted.  The indignity of it, how could anyone not want moi ?!  I went to another family but that didn’t work out and then …….. and then ….. along came Alan.  Well we got on famously from the very beginning and I now have a brilliant life.  Can you believe that we have now walked 500 kms., since we have been together !! Well, Alan may have walked only that but I bet with my running around all the time I’ve done a lot more, but don’t tell him that, I don’t want him to get jealous.  Anyway, just to keep in touch and let you know I am H A P P Y !!!!


August 18, 2016



  Well who would have thought that cheeky little Liam would end up such a magnificent Elliott !  Get me, posing  royally on the open staircase……. hope you got the ‘open’ bit.  Not many dogs I know can even walk up them let alone sit so beautifully half way up !  Class shows you know.  I can sometimes be a bit of a comedian too and I am loved to pieces, lucky, luck moi !


August 9, 2016

Lou new homeI think I look rather stately in this photo which is totally befitting now because I am now ADOPTED and have my own lovely family.  After having waited for a year for someone to take notice of me and then being let down when I thought I was going to live where the tulips grow, Tina and Nigel drove all the way down from Calvados (hmm, that reminds me, I yet have to taste some !) to see if their dog Chloe liked me.  I was a Very Good Boy at our meeting, played it cool, didn’t come on too strong and wow, I was accepted !  Can’t tell you how chirpy I am, so much love and happiness, everything comes to he who waits ……. though the waiting is soooooo hard sometimes !


July 14, 2016


Henri here, just getting a bit of shuteye because tomorrow is a Very Big Day !!  For the last couple of weeks my lovely new owner Jennifer and I have been living in a house on wheels !  It has been great fun but tomorrow we move into a house with no wheels, so I imagine we won’t be travelling around so much.  No worries, I’ll check out the neighbourhood, make sure I know where my boundaries are and hey, if I don’t like it (yeah right) we’ll get wheels attached to that house too !!  Boy is my new life GRAND !!!


April 6, 2016

Blossom and Rosie“Hi folks, Rosie here, I’ve had a great life since I was adopted from Poorpaws a year ago.  Firstly I became great pals with Blossom here – hey Blossom, we’re on camera !  You’ll have to excuse her, she’s got a broken hip and sleeps a lot at the moment.  Anyhow, where was I, oh yes, well I’ve been for a long holiday in a chilly place called Engaland, that wasn’t bad, but I was happy to get back to my own garden and ……. my own sofa !  Yep, you better believe it, I’m allowed on the sofa because I am so special.  Now then, come on Bloss let’s go play, I’ll run slowly I promise !”


April 3, 2016

MarvinZZZZZZzzzzzz. “Shhhhh, whaaat ? Oh, hi there, just having forty winks, talk about landing in clover !  Marvin here, you won’t recognise the name as my previous name was Tyson but Sue called me Toby on the Poorpaws website as she thought Tyson sounded aggressive.  Duurh, halloooo, Tyson ? Boxer ?! Anyway I think Marvin is a super name and my new owners are so great they could call me Tinkerbell if they wanted to – but don’t tell ’em that !  After living shut up in an apartment I am now out in the country with so much space to run about in even I get tired, so if you don’t mind, I’ll just get back to my dreams. Now, where did that rabbit I was chasing get to ……?”  ZZZZZzzz


February 27, 2016

Mimi 3When I first saw Mimi five years ago she was a real tatty ratbag looking so unhappy in a refuge.  We got her out of there and she was adopted by Lesley who has just sent me a photo of Mimi on her five years in a new home birthday.  Loved and beautiful, what a lucky girl !


February 27, 2016

IDexter in HollandIf you scroll right down almost to the  beginning of Happy Endings, you will find a photo of Dexter who was taken via Poorpaws from a miserable life at the Carcassonne refuge (nothing against the refuge they do the best they can, some dogs just can’t cope) to a lovely home with a Dutch couple.  That was six years ago and I have just heard that Dexter has now left France and moved back to Holland with his family – how’s your Dutch Dexter ?!  He has proved himself to be the most lovely dog as we all knew he was deep down.


February 25, 2016

Bobby RobsonHi fans, c’est moi, Bobby. First eight months of my life have been rather eventful going from pillar to post and living rough, but hey, look at moi now !!  Adopted by a smashing couple, I was supposed to be in my mistress’s name but then something clicked and they put me in her partner’s name, could not give up the chance of having a dog called Bobby Robson !!!!  Can I play football ?  Well I dribble rather well, just need to learn to do it with my feet and not the chops !!!


February 11, 2016

Ayvera BHee hee, see Chico smile !!  Just look at me all cosy and don’t I scrub up well !!  From quite a miserable life where I was not cared for, in fact when Poorpaws took me in Sue said she couldn’t tell which end was which, I have landed on all four paws with the Erskines and just could not be one jot happier !

Lovely Little Manou

November 2, 2015

Manu in pushchair oEvery now and then I get an up to date photo of Little Manu adopted by Doreen even though she was ailling – Manou not Doreen.  Well Manou cannot walk far now and Doreen is unable to carry her everywhere, so this is the solution and a very pretty picture it makes !  Poor Manou is not sure what is going on any more but I bet walking out in style like this gets her lots of attention!


June 13, 2015

BenWell just look at me, from horrid breeder to fabulous new home !  My name is now Ben and I think that is perfect, I really look like a Ben.  I have two lovely owners who adore me and treat me very well helping me to understand what life is like in a human home.  I’m taken for long walks every day and am always being told how handsome I am.  Well ‘aint that the truth !!!


June 13, 2015

SorrelRemember me ?  I used to be Inja but because my new owner didn’t want me to end up being called Inja- Ninja I needed a new name.  Sorrow was considered because I looked so sad but luckily Sorrell was decided on which I like.  (Sue’s note, me too Sorrell, had I ever had daughters I would have called them Sorrell and Rowan) I had lots of offers of adoption but because I’m such a wuss Poorpaws had to be careful which home I went to.  Ali was chosen and after a shaky start I am now very happy, learning to be a Very Good Girl and sussing out what humans are not keen on.  Apparently it is not done to jump on to the kitchen table when Ali is out to see if I can find more to eat pushing anything non edible on to the floor.  Nor is it done to cry all night when everyone is in bed.  Well you see I’ve never lived inside before so it was all new for me. There are lots of other animals here as well, cows and pigs and when I can I pinch their food too, milk bottles are easy peasy so I don’t go thirsty !  I’m still very frightened of men but I have my Ali and luckily Ali loves me and we are working together to make me the (almost) perfect dog.  Thanks Ali !


June 13, 2015

Cannelle Spot the dog ! Well it was a funny old weekend !!  My lovely Foster mum Julie took me for a ride in the car and we went to visit some friends, then she left without me !!!!  Still the place was quite nice, lots of dogs everywhere, I made a few friends and everyone made a great fuss of me.  Then, shock horror, early the next day I was put into a large cage in the back of the car with two of the nice new human friends I had.  We drove for ever and ever, then went in a train which went through a long dark tunnel.  When we got to the other side one new friend left and my new owner Jackie took me to her house to meet Simon (human) and Dudley (dog).  I LOVE it here, walks every day and when there’s nothing else to do I play hide and seek, can you spot me in this photo ?  I’m still called Cannelle and sometimes Nell which I like too. If this is England, bring it on and I’m here just in time for Wimbledon – strawberries anyone ?!



April 23, 2015

ChinaRight, I’m hoping this is a first for Poorpaws (Sue says yep I’m sure it is).  There I was tied on a very short rope attached to a chain round my neck and clipped to a fence.  I think you will agree, not the best of lives for a five month pup with bags of energy.  Then an angel called Veronique rescued me and took me to Danielle who works with Sue of Poorpaws.  Hey presto another angel, a man one this time, called Gordon, came and adopted me, gave me the fab name of China and is giving me the best life ever.  Won’t be long before I get my pilot’s licence then I’ll fly all over the place looking out for unhappy dogs so that I can help them get as lucky as I am.


March 5, 2015

Fender in HollandAt last, here I am on the Happy Endings page and I can assure you it is the best place to be !!  I was rescued by a lovely English couple who sadly couldn’t keep me, but, miracles do happen and I was adopted by a super Dutch couple and spend my lovely life between France and Holland.  Wonder if I’ll get to meet Jasper and Jenkins !  I am so happy, my new owners take me for long walks and as I now speak three languages I can help out with translations when needed !


March 5, 2015

Happy HollyWell here I am snug as a bug in a rug and it is not because I shared that bottle of beer whatever you may think !  No it is because  I have just spent hours playing with Nannies, helping to dig holes in the garden and feasting on cowpats.  Hmm, perhaps the latter was not such a good idea !  Anyway, I’m as happy as a pig in ****, no don’t worry, I certainly won’t try to eat that  !!  I’m a very Happy Holly and so glad I was taken from the nasty place to live here !





September 27, 2014

Beau exercising


Beau here and looks like I’m going on to a very happy life !  I have been chosen by a lovely lady who lives both in France and England so I get to go and see London too, (wonder if Her Majesty knows yet, I could perhaps become pals with the Corgis !).  I’ve settled in very well and am trying to teach Ros the canine yoga version of ‘Downward Dog’ but as you can see she hasn’t quite mastered it yet.  Still we have plenty of time to get it right !

Foxette StarFoxette Medalion

At Poorpaws here we are bursting with pride !!   Little Foxette had known nothing but misery before she went to the tender care of Rowan at the refuge in Carcassonne.  Taken in full of buckshot, a lame leg and a toe blown off, this little mite, understandably, was frightened of everyone.  She came up to Poorpaws and was adopted by Amber an English Setter and his family.  She learned to follow Amber everywhere but it took time for her to trust his humans.  Gradually, gradually her confidence grew and she went to live in England with Amber and co.  There she was entered into a dog competition and did so well she went into the Buckham Fair finals which was to be judged by none other than Martin Clunes.  Guess what, our little Foxette came SECOND !!!!!!  YEY !!  Well done Foxette you couldn’t be more loved and you deserve every ounce.

Who dat d’ere

August 19, 2014

Jezebel new homeWell Benny my new little poodle mate, who is that creeping up on us ?  It had better not be someone wanting to take me back to the refuge !!  Although it was fine there I’m so much happier here with you and you’ll see, you’ll get to love me too, everyone else does !  We are going to have such fun together I just know it. 


July 26, 2014

Tega SwimmingCome on in, the water’s  lovely !!  Yes, it’s me, Tega again.  Well I must be just about the luckiest Poorpaws ever for I am now at my third lovely home !!  After a previous owner passed away I went back to Poorpaws and was then adopted by a really kind couple to be company for their dog Geordie.  All went well, then I’m ashamed to say ( well actually I’m not very ashamed but Sue told me to put that as it looks better) I got very jealous of Geordie and was unkind to him.  So, back to Poorpaws which is where I thought I would be for ever.  But no, Julie got in touch to say that her Dad was looking for a largish dog, not too young and he would like to meet me.  What can I say but WOW, lovely man, huge garden and a lake next door where I take my morning dip.  This is for KEEPS.  You won’t see me on the Adoption page again !

Happy Little Chopin

June 4, 2014

Chopin new homeHere I am Chopin, I needed a new home because my owners were splitting up.  I thought I would stay at the refuge for ever, for who would want a deaf dog ?  But hey, I underestimated you all, several of you wanted to adopt me.  Thank you so much.  So this is just to let you know that I am VERY happy in my new home and thankful that I am deaf rather than blind, just look at my new cute friend Maple !!


April 30, 2014

Jacques ex Sarko BJacques ex Sarko CWell hallo everyone !  I used to be Sarko but now I am Jacques and that is not the only thing that has changed for me.  From being taken from a not very nice home, to being in a refuge for ages, to this great life and wonderful new owners.  They adore me and I can tell you the feeling is mutual.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get noticed and chosen and now here I am being taken to a restaurant if you don’t mind !!  I’m being a Very Good Boy and trying to learn as much as I can so that I will be loved even more, if that is possible !!


April 22, 2014

Indy in UK

Well, my mate Woody is on the Happy Endings page at least twice so I thought I should be too !!  I am Indy the luckiest of Lucky black pups adopted a while back to go and live with Woody.  Just look at me now, all grown up and beautiful.  Lots has happened since I was adopted, my family decided to move to England and as you can see from the photo, we have the BIGGEST  SWIMMING  POOL in the WORLD !!!  I just love running around there with other dogs but we have to be careful as this swimming pool chases you !!!  Life’s a beach n’est ce pas ?!!

Update from Tega

April 18, 2014

Tega new home

Tega here reporting in from my new home !  I bet you can’t tell which one is me, well easy peasy, I’m the one with the HUGE grin on my face and ‘im next to me is Geordie my new friend.  He’s giving you the strong, silent look there but we get on like a house on fire if I remember not to be tooo boisterous.  But it’s so difficult, I believe in showing my feelings and I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.  I know Sue was sad when I left Poorpaws but here there are no cats, so no temptation, I only share cuddles with one other instead of 15 AND I sleep indoors.  Things just get better and better !!


April 13, 2014


Hi there !  I bet you have all been wondering about me and where I had got to !  Well, here’s a photo of me and one of my new pals because I am now ADOPTED !!!!  I’ve got a super new home with two doggie friends and a cat.  I’m getting on well with everyone and my new owners are very happy with me.  I didn’t have much of a puppy life so I am making up for it now, so much to learn and explore.  Life just gets better every day !


March 31, 2014

lil and large (2)This just has to be one of the sweetest Happy Endings photo ever.  It is not Mum and babe, here we have the gorgeous Sophie a large Griffon rescued from a crowded refuge, and teeny, tiny Yorkie Gizmo adopted from us.  I was quite anxious that Sophie would think Gizmo was a rodent of some sort, or even tread on him by mistake, but no, dogs are so much more intelligent than they are given credit for and Sophie has taken Gizmo under her wing, making sure he is washed properly every day and teaching him some manners.  Well done Sophie you are a star and lucky, lucky you Gizmo to find such a super home which includes a gentle giant stepmum !


March 26, 2014

Henri now Hunter

Hunter, what a fabulous new name I have, much better than Henri which I never felt suited such a handsome chap as me.  Hunter, hmmm I like  that very much.  I had a strange history, lost then found by people who didn’t want to find my owners and didn’t want to put me in a refuge.  Luckily as a result of a few white lies I ended up at a small friendly refuge run by Danielle in Castelnau Montratier, put on the Poorpaws website and ……………. result !!  Adopted by some lovely people,  I even have a pal to play with and as you can see in the photo, I am HAPPY !  Thank you to everyone who helped me a long the way.


Hamish on his way againHamish third time luckyWell halloo again !  It’s me Hamish, you can see me a few photos down.  Sadly that home didn’t work out after all.  But hey, listen to this, I was taken back to the refuge in the morning and such a kind friendly couple travelled  m i l e s  to come and see me in the afternoon.  They adored me straight away (even gave me some steak, shhh !) and I was off on my travels again.  I’ve already got a passport and will be off to England and Scotland – perhaps I’ll meet some ancestors – and back to France for holidays.  Third time lucky and I just KNOW this time it will work. 

Erine New Home

March 8, 2014

Erine new homeWell, I’m rather embarrassed about this, I am, after all Française so I think I should support a French football team but as my new owners are soooooo nice and my new pal Hank is rather handsome, (although don’t tell him that, his head is big enough already and I’m trying to bring him down a peg or two !)  I agreed to pose for Newcastle United.  I suppose I should be grateful they didn’t change my name from Erine to Geordie !!

YODA formerly IXE

February 24, 2014

Well, hey just look at me now !!  From a miserable life when I was always in trouble but didn’t know why, (Sue’s note, Yoda was the poor MalamutX puppy ) I am now in a fabulous home where I am clearly taught what is right and wrong so I am not confused and so, so happy.  I have a wonderful four-legged friend and life is just great. Lucky, Lucky me !!


February 21, 2014

Igloo new homeHallo there !  I’m Igloo, remember me ?  The cuter than cute  pup ?  Well, as you can see, I’m turning into a cuter than cute dog now.  Not only do I have a lovely home but I have a great new hobby – gardening !!!  I just love getting out there to help and I don’t just smell the flowers, I destroy them too.  I find they take up too much space where I want to dig.  Though I seem to be alone in this opinion !!


February 6, 2014

Hamish 002 (2)From being tied up and miserable to living in a beeyootiful house, what’s not to like ?!  My  lovely new owners are being trained in how to train me (bummer !) which means I suppose the games of hide and seek around the fields will have to end !  Still I don’t want to upset the applecart so I’m going to try very very hard to be a good boy.  Leaving here just doesn’t bear  thinking about !  Love to all from Hamish (previously Ursis).


February 5, 2014

Izzie III (2)Izzie here and as you can see I have fallen very firmly on all four paws.  My new Mum and Dad just adore me even though they said they would never have another Yorkie as they were so sad when their last one went over the rainbow.  Well, I’m not totally Yorkie and I’m doing my best to make them happy again.  Am I happy ?  You bet and, as you can see, if anyone needs the address of DogToys R Us, just call me !!


February 5, 2014

Barney collarCan this be me ?  Barney ? Sitting here in this lovely home with a very smart red collar ?  I can’t believe it !  I was so sad and in pain living tied to a tree with a wire put on me when I was a baby and not changed when I had grown a few months.  Then along came a lovely lady who took me to Danielle who works with Sue at Poorpaws.  Before you could say Bonio, I went to sleep and when I woke up the wire had gone.  Then my dream came true, I was chosen by Mr. and Mrs. White the kindest of people who had driven FOUR HOURS to choose a dog (that’s EIGHT there and back!) and chose me before anyone had time to draw breath.  So, my advice to others ?  Never give up on your dreams, they are free.


January 31, 2014

CocoI’m Coco and right, let’s get this clear, I was on the Poorpaws website as a Yorkie Terrier, but hey, look at me now !!  I know the truth but mum’s the word (no pun intended).  Could be a little bit of Poodle in me, a bit of Bichon perhaps and, clearly a little bit of Yorkie.  I know it was difficult to tell when I was tiny but whatever, have you ever seen anything so cute ?!  



December 11, 2013


Thank you, thank you, thank you Caline for refusing this wonderful home !!!  You don’t know what you are missing – own bed, lots of walks, titbits and my own personal pianist !!!  For those who don’t recognise me, I was Gary on the Poorpaws website but now my name is Barney which I much prefer.  Happy Christmas everyone, I know mine is going to be GREAT !!!


November 18, 2013


FrankieFrom spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a chain for years I have come to this wonderful home !  Pinch me, do anything, but don’t take me away from here !!  Not only have I got lovely new owners who think I’m the bees’ knees, I also have not one, but TWO new girlfriends !!  I just can’t stop cuddling them !  ( Sue’s note, make the most of it Frankie, I know something you don’t, a  little snip  trip to the vet is on the agenda !!).  I am just so, so happy, thank you, thank you for choosing me.


November 18, 2013

Igor new homeCan this be true ?!  Is this really me, Igor, son of Caline, in this fabulous place ?!!!  Woweeeee !!!!!!  I was handed over to my new family at the Poorpaws Barn Book Sale (hmm they didn’t let me get anywhere near the cakes I noticed ), stayed a few days with my new owners’ owners, then a long drive down to the South where I have landed in happy, happy doggy land.  My new mum Elizabeth does lots of running and takes me with her (she’s a bit slow though don’t tell her I wouldn’t like to hurt her feelings) that is great fun.  The kids play with me and I am gentle with them trying not to get too excited.  So, all in all RESULT and Well Worth Waiting For !!!!