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Below you will find dogs that Poorpaws has had up for adoption and who are now happily living with their new families having been homed either by Poorpaws or one of the many other dog rescue groups that we work with.

Also see our Happy Endings section which features Previous Poorpaws where we have received an update and some pictures from the new owners.


May 4, 2015

LobyRight this is hang on to your heart time.  Loby (my goodness where do they get their names from ?!) is a three month Beagle puppy – one of my favourite breeds.  Little Loby has not had a good start in life and is therefore very timid but once he knows you, wey hey, it’s party time !


May 4, 2015

AdeleThis is for you diddy dog lovers.  Adele is a cutie, a Pinscher cross of about two or three years old.


May 4, 2015

INJADear Inja here is a Griffon/Labrit mix.  At two years old she is adorable but very timid, so a fenced in garden is a must here together with loving owners who have the patience to teach Inja that not all humans are despicable.


April 9, 2015



Three year old Cannelle, a sort of Border Colley mix and a very pretty one at that.  Found abandonned or lost, whatever, but no-one seems to be looking for her.  In foster care at the moment where she has shown herself to be fine with other dogs, cats, chickens and children.  A little timid and wary of people carrying sticks.


April 6, 2015

York JumpyHi folks, sorry about the dreadful haircut  – that reminds me of a joke about the Pope ! – but I was in such a mess when I got here that Danielle had to get the clippers out.  I am in fact a Yorkie crossed with something else, possibly a Shih Tzu but don’t quote me.  When my fur grows back it is a lovely creamy caramel colour.  I’m a little boy and am about a year old.  I’m sure to get snapped up quickly so don’t hesitate to call !


April 6, 2015

Janka BThis is little Jelly Bean a small mongrel with perhaps a bit of Border Colley in there somewhere.  Not even a year old yet this affectionate, loving little girl hasn’t had much luck in her life, so let’s hope that is about to change.


April 6, 2015

JimmyJimmy is a year old Griffon Fauve de Bretagne.  I have one of these and they are just Darling.  Very affectionate and get on with everyone.  Jimmy is that most treasured of types, a Crap Hunter, frightened of guns and men with guns so hey, let’s find him a home where he can happily be just a family pet.


March 30, 2015

Beau Newfie

Aha, here he is ! Aha, here he is !

This is  Newfie Beau with his girlfriend Belle.  Not sure which is which, I’m waiting for a better photograph !!!   Anyway, poor Beau’s owner has died and Beau is lodging with Belle in her home but cannot stay there as Belle’s owner cannot cope with two large dogs.  Beau is seven years old, I am told he is as gentle as a kitten and very well educated.  We’re looking for someone with experience of the breed here, they are like lovely teddy bears but they are BIG !  Get in touch with me for more information.


March 26, 2015

Honey Border ColleyUPDATE 25/06/15  Honey is now here at Poorpaws with her pal Patch and are just fine.  They are a lovely couple of dogs, no trouble at all and I think will now stay here  with us until the family have the possibility to take them back.

Ok Border Colley fans, here is one who really needs your help.  At twelve years old Honey needs a new home.  She is rather wary of new dogs to begin with but will be fine after, and has lived with a cat.  Needs a home where there are no small children.  Who can give her a loving home ?


March 24, 2015

Dude ADude A and BSo there I was having a cup of tea when one of the workmen helping us with the house put his head round the door to say that the Gendarmes were at the gate.  Oops, had they found out that I hadn’t been to exercise class this week ?  Nope, they had in the van the two most ADORABLE pups found in a field and wondered if I had lost them.  No I certainly hadn’t but was very happy to look after them until the owner was found.  An hour later the owner was found and although he was delighted to get them back, he does need to home them.  They are three months old, Mum is a Labrador and Dad a Labrador mixed with something else.  They are in fine fettle and were very cuddly and friendly.  There is only one thing they won’t be and that is small !  Their paws are very chunky so we are looking at probably Lab size.  Oh, they are two lads.


February 27, 2015


JALY an absolutely gorgeous little one year old Brittany Spaniel who’s life hasn’t exactly been a bowl of cherries so far.  However she bears no grudges (except perhaps for the name !) and will make an adorable companion.


February 13, 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOk, hold me back, my favourites, Brittany Spaniel mix puppies !  What can you say but cute, loving, great breed, you’ll never regret it !!  Both boys.


February 13, 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI think you can tell from two year old Hercule’s face that life has not been a bowl of cherries for him recently.  His owner who, although he loved Hercule, did not look after him very well  and is now no longer able to be with him.  Cocker Spaniel lovers will know that these little fellows do have a certain amount of character so Hercule needs a home where there are no young children.


February 13, 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAdopted !                                                           ADOPTED  !!

Two year old neutered Irzac is a Beauceron mix.  If you don’t know Beaucerons I can tell you from experience that they are fabulous dogs,  impressive looking, and totally faithful to their master.  Irzac is obediant, not a ‘runner’ and is great with kids


February 13, 2015

JankaAdopted !ADOPTED   !!!!

Now if I let my heart rule my head, this little girl would not be up for adoption at all, she would be sitting here at my feet right now !  A GORGEOUS German Shepherd mix, 5 month old Jenny was found with a too tight wire round her neck on a short chain attached to a fence.  If that had been me I would be ready to bite every human being I met, but Jenny just wants fun and cuddles.  Judging by the size of her paws she is going to be a sturdy lass !


February 3, 2015

Jade & JustineJade and Justine are two gorgeous Border Colley / Labrador mixes.  One of them has actually been adopted but I’m not sure which !!  Two months old and ready to rock !


January 22, 2015

Yorkie LizzieWant to live with someone who is funny, happy, and adorable all of the time? Meet “Lizzie”, a Yorkie, 11 months old and a sweet, affectionate little cuddle-the best companion ever! Her favourite things? Sleeping on your lap, playing with her toys, hanging out with you, running in the garden, cuddling with you…and dinnertime. She loves other dogs-especially if they like to play and cuddle-and loves to play with cats, as well (if only they didn’t always growl and run away…) She’s very well behaved, eager to please, and knows how to sit, stay, walk on a leash, come when she’s called, is great in the car- and up for just about anything you want to teach her. She just wants to be part of your life-and be loved a much as she’ll love you! Want to meet her or learn more about her? Please email me:



January 13, 2015

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRather a wicked name for this little lad, instantly so named as soon as we saw his legs !  How could someone abandon, or if lost, not look for this little chap ?  About one year old he is a super friendly boy, so come on all you Teckel, Dachshund, Sausage dog lovers, get on the dog and bone – no pun intended – call me,and let’s get him a great new home.

Shih Tzus

January 12, 2015



These are just some of the Shih Tzus rescued from the ‘words that fail me’ breeders mentioned below.  A great little band who were in the most disgusting, filthy, unkempt condition when Danielle rescued them.  In fact their coats were so matted it took time to sort out who was male and who was female.  So, there are two black and white males of two years old, one beige female of one year, plus a couple of others of two and two and a half years.  A total selection box in fact !! 

15/01/15   ALL  FEMALES  HOMED.


January 12, 2015


In Sauzet there is a disgusting horrid couple who run breedings kennels for Bouviers Bearnoise, Shih Tzus and Labradors.  The couple are totally despicable who when they have their regular fallings out just leave without any thought for the many dogs they have and when questioned blame each other.  Danielle was called to investigate and found a scene of horrors.  Beernese Mountain Dogs should weigh between 40 – 45 kilos and Danielle and a friend Virginie each took away dogs weighing 25 kilos !  The two above here, Janko and Jano are only six months old and were left to fend for themselves in a park of adults where, evidently, they had no chance of getting at the meagre food that was left occasionally.  Both dogs are now in Danielle’s tender care and are doing fantastically.  If you are interested in one (or both !) of them, please bear in mind that they do get to be VERY big, gentle giants in fact.  I love them.


December 30, 2014

Charlie DordogneWell if this isn’t just the cutest little(ish !) chap I don’t know what is !  Charlie is ten months old, is a podenco mix and was saved from being put down in Spain.  Sadly the people cannot keep him due to having two dogs already and living in a small house.  Charlie is just adorable and gets on with just about everyone and everything.  Geese, chickens, nothing upsets him and he is fine with other dogs.


December 15, 2014

Hercule CockerOk all you cocker fans, here is a peachy one.  Two year old Hercule had an owner who loved him but is now unable to look after him.  Poor Hercule was in a right mess when he came to us, he hadn’t been groomed, ever by the looks of him and it took Danielle a couple of days to get him looking as handsome as he does now.  He is a sweet little soul and deserves now to be loved and cared for in the correct way.


December 15, 2014

JeffJeff is a gorgeous little lad of just eight months old, rescued from unpleasant surroundings he bears no grudges whatsoever and just wants to get on with leading a happy life.  As you can see from the photo, he can’t wait to run and greet you !  He is  Brittany Spaniel (yey !) but the more unusual colouring of black and white rather than ginger and white.


December 15, 2014

Hugo Epagnol . Setter

Oh Hugo, I’m in love already !  A two year old SetterX Hugo has proved to be the gentlest of gentle dogs and just can’t wait to get to a new forever home.



November 23, 2014

JosOk, Jos’s head is not really twice the size of his body, Danielle and I are not exactly the world’s greatest photographers, but he is a very sweet and gentle eight month old Braque mix, taken from very unpleasant living conditions.  It never ceases to amaze me how dogs who have been treated so unfairly, never seem to hold a grudge and are just very keen to show you how lovely they can be.


November 23, 2014

LumiLumi is a fabulous two year old pedigree German Shepherd.  Up for adoption because she does like to be No. 1 and was making her older brother’s life a misery.  Lumi is obediant and faithful to her owners.  Ideal for anyone wanting to dissuade uninvited guests !


November 23, 2014

Jasper before                                                                              


You only have to look at the two photos to see just what a fabulous, gorgeous boy Jasper has turned in to.  Danielle found him in a forest when he was literally just skin and bones, a real skeleton.  I saw him in that state and it just made me cry.  How could anyone just dump a dog like that, but to be charitable perhaps he got lost.  (Charitable ? Moi ? Wow, must have been at the pink stuff again !)  He is still young, under a year old and after a couple of months of great care, just look at what he is now.    GIV THIS GUY A CHANCE !  HE IS SO GENTLE AND LOVING AND GETS ON WITH EVERYONE.


November 23, 2014



Japy here is a five month old tricoloured mixture, a lovely boy full of fun and very affectionate.  Another one rescued from an unpleasant situation.


November 23, 2014

Barney LostThis rascal boots is our adored Barney !  Barney was lucky enough to go to a new home but it didn’t work out because of his extreme nervousness and the couple were worried about losing him on one of their travels back to the UK.  So, Barney came back to Danielle and on his first day, escaped !!!  He was delighted to see Danielle whom he had stayed with for two months last year but when her back was turned he jumped on to the roof of his kennel and from there took a kangaroo leap to liberty.  To say we were mad with worry, would be an understatement, here was a very timid dog out in the big wide world totally unable, as we thought, of looking out for himself.  I won’t take you through the three weeks of agony we went through, suffice to say he turned up after the three weeks at a farm where the owners were elderly and stuck to them like glue.  Their daughter came to visit, looked on the website Chien Perdu/ Trouvé and found our détails.

He seems happy to be back and seems to have gained some confidence during his time of freedom.

So, now we need a home with a fenced in garden and  preferably a retired English couple who are always present.  Another dog would be a bonus but he is fine on his own.  From his weekend at the farm we know he is absolutely safe with ducks, chickens and cats !  Barney is two years old, chipped, vaccinated and neutered.


October 27, 2014


Hey Jude !


Hey, I’m Jude – don’t you just love the name ?!  Get the tissues ready for my story, my Mum was a poor old dog who lived all her life in not very nice conditions.  Lovely neighbours took pity on her and used to walk and feed her, then after one walk she produced …… MOI !  Very sadly my Mum had a huge tumour that her owners had not noticed and it was left to the lovely neighbour to take care of her and stay with her when she went where I cannot follow.  I am only three and a half weeks now and all my life LN (lovely neighbour) has been hand rearing me.  I will be able to go to a new home in about four weeks time so I have to start looking now. I am a black (obviously) female (durrh, again, obviously) Labrador with possibly a bit of something else but Dad is not answering his ‘phone !  I know that you lot out there just adore female Labs so if you would like me to be your forever pal, call Poorpaws – 0565245303 – and just leave a message for Jude !



October 16, 2014




What is it about Poorpaws at the moment ?  We are getting the most cutest of cute dogs to home !  Lucky here is no exception.  At four months old he is already housetrained, comes running – so fast that his back legs overtake the front – when he is called and can already ‘sit’ to command.  What a little star !!   Well, what do you expect from a Brittany Spaniel mix ?! This little chap really is one of the best, so if you are looking for a lifelong, constant companion and great family dog, get in touch.  Lucky turned up (or was dumped) at a village fete during the Summer and did the rounds of the tables before ending up being taken home by a lovely couple who have done everything to make his start in life wonderful.  Very sadly, and I have seen the tears to prove it, the gentleman turned out to be so allergic that he ended up in hospital.  Of course, the lovely lady considered leaving hubby there and keeping Lucky but it just didn’t seem right !!  So with heavy hearts they contacted us and I can confirm that Lucky really is a great little guy.  Chipped and vaccinated.  Sorry the phot colour is not good, Lucky is in fact white and a pale beigey orange.


October 10, 2014


Oh to have such a beautiful body and legs that don’t come up to scratch !


Hallo, my name is Fudge and if you are looking for a smallish , friendly and obediant dog, then I’m your boy.  They think I am a mix between a Dachshund and and Bassett because I have a  l o n g  body (more of me to love !) but short sturdy legs.  I just turned up in the village so no-one knows what my history is – except me and I’m not telling  hee, hee – and for the last few weeks have been looked after by people there.  Many attempts have been made to find my owners but without success so I am now looking for a new kind home.  I am beautifully behaved, a real gent and the vet says I am a year old at the most.


October 7, 2014

IriaHallo there, my name is Julie and I am a small dog of under a year old.  I was adopted and my name was changed to Mica but have come back because I am a very lively Mademoiselle – well I am still very young, what do people expect ?! – and my new owner was worried about me running away.  So, I am looking for a family where I will get plenty of exercise, fun and games whilst at the same time I will get some training.  I have so much love to give, can I give it to you ?


October 2, 2014

See how handsome I am - a MerleX if you please !

See how handsome I am – a MerleX if you please !

I'll miss you my poodley pal !

I’ll miss you my poodley pal !

And it's goodnight from me and goodnight from him.

 And it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him.


Hallo everyone, my name is Barney (there are quite a few Barney’s around at the moment !), we think my Dad was a Merle Border Colley and I know my Mum, because she, who is called Kirby, and me and my brothers and sisters lived at Poorpaws when I was a tiny puppy.  I have been very happy in my present home and often stayed with my poodley pal when my owners were away.  Sadly now my owners have to go and live in England because they have serious health problems and after a long chat we have decided that I would prefer to stay here and hopefully with a very kind new family.  I am about three years old, I am vaccinated, chipped and neutered.  I am friendly with other dogs and cats but am, for some reason, nervous and timid with new humans.  Who knows why because I have known nothing but love all my life, it’s just the way I am.  So I am looking for a couple or family who will take it gently with me until I have regained my confidence then I will show them how much I can love too. 





September 21, 2014

BelleAdopted !


This is Belle and she is true to her name in looks and nature.  Belle is a six year old Coton de Tuléar who came to us with her companion Beau and son Polo after her owner went back to England.  Beau and Polo have both gone to great homes and I’m sure it won’t be long before Belle follows suit.  At six years old she is a bundle of fun and affection.  Can run like the wind and is fine with other dogs and cats. Belle is chipped, vaccinated and sterilised.

Aussie ShepherdAdopted !                                                                      ADOPTED  YEY !!!!

Hallo, I’m Jumper and as you can see there’s a bit of the Aussie Oz in me.  I’m just about a year old, a lovely well balanced boy and would love to have a home of my own very soon.


September 18, 2014

Jasper BJenkins

Jasper and Jenkins, two fabulous young boys found wondering along the street, dumped or lost ?  Who can tell but no-one seemed to be looking for them.  That was a couple of months ago and it was hoped that they were off to a new life in Holland, however that seems to have fallen through so we are now very anxious to find these lads forever homes.  They are real darlings, very gentle and loving and, of course, playful.  Fine with cats and other dogs they will make great companions.  They are now nearly five months old so are a little bigger than in the photo but still oh so cute.


August 29, 2014

Beagle pupsDriving along the street someone came upon this little gang of Beagle pups.  Noone seems to know where they have come from – or indeed where they were going to !   So they are with us, two males and two females.  Beagles are one of my favourite breeds, although gun dogs they make great pets and companions and are, of course, soooooo sweet !  I’m sure there must be a name for a group of Beagle Babes – a Bugle of Beagles perhaps ?  Ok, perhaps not !


August 29, 2014


A lady I know was looking for a Toy Poodle after her much beloved one died.  Someone contacted her to say they had one they wanted to rehome.  Sad to say however that said poodle was not a Toy.  However, the lady was so upset at the life the poor dog was obviously living, tormented by children and not cared for that she decided to bring her away anyway and look for a good home.  So, here we have Daisie who, by all accounts, is a dream dog.  Clean, obediant and non barking.  She is six years old.  If you would like to give Daisie a happy home ( with no children under the age of 7), young retired would be ideal, please contact Elisabeth on 0651016318.


August 29, 2014

MoustacheADOPTED !!

Two year old Moustache was alternately loved and neglected by his family and in the end was given up to a very kind lady when he was in a really sorry state.  Having undergone treatment and medication, Moustache is now ready for adoption.  He is a happy little lad and fine with other dogs.  He is neutered and vaccinated and will be chipped when his new owner comes along.


August 29, 2014

Braque X

Another one rescued from a miserable life, this lad bears no grudges and has a lovely character.  A really beautiful Braque.


August 21, 2014

Chopin ex LuckyADOPTED !!!!!

Chopin  here has the honour of being the first ever dog homed by Poorpaws, before Poorpaws was even Poorpaws !  Back then I called him Lucky, he just wandered up our drive, a tiny little scrap, together with a large dog who left Lucky and went on his way.  Eleven years on, guess what.  Family going back to UK and no place for Chopin.  (Good thing he’s not called Lucky any more.)   So this poor boy, after all that time, finds himself in need of a new home.  What incredibly kind and generous person will take pity on him ?  Chopin is neutered, chipped and his vaccinations are up to date – or they better be !!


August 8, 2014


Hi there, my name is Chester and I am in need of a home.  I am seven years old, chipped, vaccinated and (whisper it softly) neutered.  I just want an owner who I can be with all the time and I mean all the time !  I get very anxious and need a peaceful environment where there won’t be a lot of noise or passers by.  Somewhere  perhaps in a rural location not in a busy village.  I’m rather a loner and although I get on with other dogs I would rather be on my own.  I’m not keen on the feline things either.


August 1, 2014

JezebelOk, now for all those of you who like the floppy, soppy shaggy look, Jezebel is your dream come true.  At six months she is full of love and bounce, rescued from an unpleasant place she bears no grudges and just wants to play and run and play and run and ……… !


July 17, 2014

“My name is Raja and I’m sitting in this hole to try and keep cool and get rid of the awful fleas that keep eating at me. I’m alone but for a friendly cat and I am depressed and very lonely.  It will be a miracle if anyone can help me, I must be about 14 years old and who wants a dog, who isn’t castrated, chipped, vaccinated, in fact I fear no one will help me.
I really do want to be helped, I am, underneath all this dirt and raggedy coat a very nice, friendly little chap. I’ve lived a strange life, first with a Frenchman who gave me up to a Scotsman, and now that has gone terribly wrong.  Why do dogs like me have to suffer because humans make such a mess up of their lives.  I am physically OK although my teeth are a bit loose, I can walk without a stick, I just am so lonely. PLEASE, PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?
Humans come to feed me every day but they go away on the 23rd July, and in my tiny doggy brain I fear someone will take me to the local vet for one purpose only.  I have so much to give, please give me a chance.”



July 17, 2014


Wondering who this handsome chap is ?  Well it’s me, Fender (don’t you just love the name ?!).  I am a medium largish chap of just 15 months still hanging on like grim death to puppyhood.  I love to play and run around – energetically – am quite obediant and just adore everything human.  I’m great with kids and they just love me, always wanting to take me for walks.  This picture was taken when I was a bit of a wounded soldier having walked on a horrid piece of glass that some dumbskull of a human had left lying around.  I had to have more than one operation but was so gentle when I had to have bandages and dressings changed.  So why am I, the number one of friendly dogs, looking for a new home ?  Well, it’s cats !  Can’t stand the horrid spitting clawing things and I think the world would be better off without them.  Sadly my owners have three (!) and seem very attached to them.  They have tried and tried to get me to like them and live peacefully with them but I’m sorry, ain’t even going  there.  I’m sure there must be an equally nice home out there for me with a fenced in garden just looking for a chipped, vaccinated and neutered handsome lad.  Get in touch with Sue at Poorpaws and she will point you in the right direction !


July 9, 2014

Bruno de Juras 009 (2)Bruno de Juras 004Bruno de Jura CAs you can see ears are being worn long this season !  These four have to be the most adorable things I have seen for ages !  Bruno de Jura mixes, these dogs, although basically hunting dogs, make the most wonderful companion dogs.  There are three female and one little lad about three months old, chipped and vaccinated.  Mother was found and taken in by a very kind person then produced eight of these little beauties.  So if you are in to the long eared look in canines, give us a call !


July 8, 2014

JazzOk, get ready for the oohs and aahs !!  Here we go, a Brittany Spaniel mix puppy, my absolute favourites !  Jazz is three months old and if you are looking for a puppy to train up to be obediant, loving and faithful, then Jazz is your boy !


July 8, 2014

DollyThis is a very special lady.  Dolly is six years old and those six years have not been good. Used as a breeding machine she has not known much happiness but we are hoping someone out there will now offer her this.  She is a Braque / Pointer so we are looking for a large fenced in garden for her.  Dolly will be sterilised before being rehomed.


July 8, 2014

Terrier puppyLittle Jackson, just two and a half months old is a Terrier mix.  A cute little lad who just loves everyone and everything.