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Below you will find dogs that Poorpaws has had up for adoption and who are now happily living with their new families having been homed either by Poorpaws or one of the many other dog rescue groups that we work with.

Also see our Happy Endings section which features Previous Poorpaws where we have received an update and some pictures from the new owners.


April 19, 2016

LANCELOT (2)26/07/16  BRILLIANT  NEWS !!!   Lancelot has at last been chosen and by someone very special too.  His lovely new owner is paying for him to be taken to England where he will have a new pal and an amazing home.  This story has brought tears to my eyes, Lancelot has waited for sooo long.  Good on you Lancelot, you deserve this.

This is Lancelot a lovely boy of just under a year old.  for some reason he is always passed over, who knows why ?  Nothing outstanding about him but he’s a great little guy, friendly and affectionate and would make a super family dog.


April 4, 2016

Jake Jake again09/04/2016  ……… and the lovely home has been found !!  As soon as Jake is fit enough for his vaccination and chip he will be off to live with Annie and her family where there is already another dog to teach Jake how to get in to all sorts of mischief ! Brilliant !

Meet Jake, we are told he is a cross between a Fox Terrier and a Dachshund.  Poor little Jake and his brothers and sisters were being sold out of a cardboard box at a boot fair yesterday for 10 euros each.  It is ILLEGAL to sell animals at boot fairs but I have to say that goodness knows what would have happened otherwise.  A lovely lady who already has four rescue dogs and no money could not leave him there to an unknown fate so forked out the 10 euros and persuaded another couple to do likewise.  We are now looking for a lovely home for little Jake who is probably just about two months old.  Looks as if the poor mite has already been in the wars but the cut under his eye is probably the result of a bit of rough and tumble with the rest of the litter. 


April 4, 2016

EdgarHallo everyone out there, I’m Edgar and I am the last of Rosie’s pups to find a home.  Can you bally believe it ?  Just look at me, all cute and worried, I’m going to be soooo lonesome when the others go.  Mummy tells me that people are saving the best to last and I hope that’s true.  I’m a gorgeous black colour with brown highlights in fact I could almost be classed as chocolate, hmm I could have been called Cadbury !


April 1, 2016

Laika16/05/2016  The person who as to adopt Laika has changed her mind so you have another chance to snap this little lovely up.  A dream dog !

Here we have an absolute poppet !  Little Laika, who at the moment is smaller than this photo makes her out to be, is a Darling.  Normally I am wary of anything with Husky in but I was with this little girl yesterday and she is a doll.  Obediant, gentle, affectionate and clearly used to children.  We guess she is around five to six months and will be an absolute beauty !


March 20, 2016


Tammy06/04/2016  EXCELLENT NEWS !  I didn’t dare post it before in case everything went pear shaped but I am over the moon to report that as from yesterday Tammy has started a new life up in the Savoie region of France.  Thanks a MILLION to DogLinks who found a fabulous new owner for Tammy and to David Marker who drove her to meet her new owner.

Things  are getting very desperate for little Tammy now.  Tammy is a ten year old Jack Russell whose owner has died and Tammy is staying with family who are unable to keep her because of conflict with the resident dogs.  Even worse, the family will be moving shortly and Tammy faces a sad end if a home cannot be found for her.  Tammy is small and very cute, she needs absolutely a fenced in garden, NO CATS OR OTHER FURRY LITTLE ANIMALS and no other female dogs, she is fine with males ( slapper !).  Please, please, please is there anyone out there who could even foster her ?  I would have her at Poorpaws in a flash but we have many cats who are not at all afraid of dogs, plus many females.  HELP !!!


March 2, 2016

Toby A Toby B31/03/2016  ADOPTED !!!

Toby here.  Now I might be rather biased but I do feel that I am rather a handsome chappie and Sue, who was here this morning,  confirmed it.  So, all you Boxer lovers, come see about me !! If you think I am looking a bit strange in the bottom (no pun intended) photo it is because Sue and Danielle have just taken the stitches out of my tail, you see there was something wrong with it and it would not get better so it was taken off.  I don’t miss it (at least I won’t swipe the glasses off your coffee table) and just wag my rear end now.  I was so good when they took the stiches out Sue couldn’t believe it.  Of course I love to run around and play, well I’m only a year old, but Danielle is teaching me how to be a Very Good Boy and I’m a fast learner.  Oh when my tail was taken off something else was removed too, haven’t found out what it was yet. (Sue’s note, just don’t think about it Toby !)


March 2, 2016

Loupy Lou B Loopy LouSOS from me LoopyLou !  I’m only seven months old and already  I’m in a refuge, can you believe it ?!  I should be in a happy family going on long walks, perhaps playing with the kids (no worries if there aren’t any) and generally having a great time.  Please adopt me  this is just not FAIR !!!


March 1, 2016

JackJackJackJack (2)02/03/2016 RESERVED ALREADY YEY !!!

Hallo, my name is JackJack, well that is my name now after I was found by the lovely Shameem when I was cold, wet and starving hungry.  Apparently JackJack is the name of a character in a children’s book and I like it, a bit like New York, so good they named me twice !!  No-one can find my previous owner and they obviously are not lookng for me so they can’t have loved me that much and certainly not as much as Shameem does.  Sadly she cannot keep me but will look after me until an equally lovely person comes forward to adopt me.  They think I am about 18 months old (I know the truth but aint telling !) but this will be checked next week when apparently I will be taken to someone called “The Vet” to be “chipped, vaccinated and neutered”, not sure what that is but it sounds like fun !!

Sue at Poorpaws is always banging on about Border Collies needing mental as well as physical exercise and she is quite right. Not the lying about in front of the fire life for me – although that is lovely at the end of the day – I need lots of walks and games.

So, are you the one(s) for me ?  Well contact Sue and I’ll give you the once over.  By the way, I’m friendly with other dogs.



February 11, 2016

LEGOLittle Lego, how come you haven’t been snapped up instantly ?!  You are such a cute little bunny, oops sorry, you may want to chase those when you are older !!  My favourite breed, Brittany Spaniel you are only three months but I know you will grow up to be a fabulous, faithful friend like nearly all Brittanys do.


February 11, 2016

Eos Eos BSCUM,  LOWLIFE,  MAY YOU ROT.  This is what I say to the specimen who kept this lovely little girl in these conditions.  Eos is about seven years old and I know there are many of you looking for not so young little dogs, so get thee in touch with the Refuge Canin Lotois at Cahors pronto where little Eos is, probably for the first time in her life, getting some TLC. The ‘phone number is 0565226632.


February 10, 2016

HeidiStaffie Heidi – the one on the left – is a gorgeous six year old who was brought over to France when her previous owners, members of the same family could not keep her.  Heidi had always been a great little dog so no problems were foreseen.  However, sadly, Heidi is not getting on too well with one of the other female dogs and we are looking for a family either with no other dogs or only a male.  I know there are lots of Brits who are Staffie freaks so I’m hoping that one of them will see this posting.

As Heidi is not actually at Poorpaws there will be no adoption fee in this case, it will be a strictly person to person adoption.

Lucky cockerThis is Lucky – hmm, not a good name it would seem !  Little Lucky is just about a year old and already she is looking for a home.  I have been asked to put her on the site  by some lovely ladies in St. Antonin who are insisting she goes to a family with a closed in garden and where there is another dog to play with. 


February 5, 2016

Bobby Beauceron10/02/16  ADOPTED !!! YEY !

This fabulous boy is Bobby.  Bobby is a gorgeous 8 month Beauceron with a sad tale.  His elderly owners adopted him after their previous dog died, then so sadly, his mistress died too and the husband feels he is too old to look after Bobby.  Bobby is now lodging with whoever in the village will take him in and being fed by all and sundry.  He really is a lovely character, so friendly and loving, an absolute gem but really needs a loving home of his own.  Ideal for a couple who are looking for a great companion and who will give him the love and exercise he really deserves. 


January 27, 2016

Roy's CharlieCharlie Provence17/02/16  Just heard that this little darling has been adopted.  Hurrah !!

16/02/16  Still looking for a lovely home for this lovely girl.  Look at her little happy face when she knows the chain is being removed and a lead put on.  She has been liberated from her miserable life but her future is uncertain so won’t someone give her a chance ?

This little sweetheart is Charlie a three year old love who has had a really rum deal so far.  Taken by a farmer to herd sheep she turned out to  be rubbish at that so was then chained up 24/7 and being fed when the farmer remembered to do so.  She was taken under the wing of Roy who discovered her hungry and frightened when he was out for a walk one day.  He visited her every day and it broke his heart when he had to leave her.  The farmer was going to dump her at a refuge but Roy was able to get her away.  Trouble is that Roy has a sort of  ‘tied’ accommodation with his job and his employers dogs have not taken kindly to poor Charlie even though she does her best to be friends.  Please, please, help to find this lovely girl a new home.  At the moment she is in Provence but Poorpaws will pay for any costs getting her to a loving home.


January 26, 2016

Ayvera 002 (2)This little lad is six years old and is another sad divorce casualty.  He was in a ghastly state when he came to us but has scrubbed up well !!  A lively young man who bears no grudges, is fine with other dogs and cats.  An all round lovely little chap.


January 21, 2016

Fleur's pups 1 Fleur's pups 211/2/15  Yey !  All now adopted.  thank you so much to all concerned.

Did I hear you say “Black Lab puppy or similar” ?  Well here are two of the most adorable, you just want to pick them up and snuggle them.  They are the puppies of Fleur who was on our website for so long and who was so pleased to be in a lovely new home, she wanted to give her new owners a present – in fact four presents !!!  Fleur is a Labrador and it was thought that Dad was a Border Colley, but I’ve got my doubts about that !  Whatever cute as buttons, there is a girl and a boy, ready to go in February.


January 6, 2016

JepetoThis is Jepeto, a Griffon /Korthal mix who would love to come and live with you if you are looking for a walking companion and best friend.  Very special looks for a very special heart.


January 6, 2016

LaryOh Lary, how could they do it ?  Some unkind soul took you to Molières and left you by the lake.  That is no way for a three month old sweetie to be treated.  No worries, you are such a gentle little lad, we’ll soon find you a good home.


January 6, 2016

LayaLittle lovely Laya was found in a foxhole after her poor abandoned mother gave birth there.  She’s a bit of a mixture and is rather shy to begin with but very soon will show you her adorable nature


January 6, 2016

LinaOk resist this little lump of love if you can !  Lina is just six months old, had a rotten start in life and is now ready to come and take your heart away.  The breed is Porcelain, very suitable for this delicate looking creature.


January 6, 2016

JacksonMeet Jackson a real poppet of a dog.  18 months old poodle mix and neutered.  Just longing to be loved.


December 9, 2015

LucanRight, hands on the buzzer, who’s going to be first to put in a request to adopt Lucan ?  A fabulous four month Border Colley, one of a litter of NINE (!!!) found dotted around the countryside.  All have been adopted except for Lucan here and that is no reflection on the puppy  it is due to the fact that the pups were distributed in different places so adopters didn’t see all the nine, otherwise I am sure Lucan would have been the first to go.  Lucan is here at Poorpaws and is a wonderful chap.  Very bright.  As I have said before Borders are dogs who need to exercise the brain as well as the body, so we need a home where Lucan will  get mental stimulation such as agility as well as a lot of physical exercise.  Of course, ideal for him would be learning how to round up sheep, cows …. children ?!


December 3, 2015

Fleur a la plageSue’s note.  Well Fleur what a trick you played on us.  Barely a month in your new home and you have produced five puppies.  You kept that secret very well !!

Hi, Fleur here !  Well it was worth the long wait, I have been adopted by a lovely Dutch couple and here is a photo of moi, my new ‘brother’ Rex and one half of our owners.  We are on what is called a ‘beach’ which is sand next to the biggest swimming pool that I have ever seen.  I’m loving it and happy to say that Rex likes me now, I think he was just worried I would take all the love from our owners but they seem to have plenty for both of us, so a win win situation !


December 2, 2015

Lady DavinaLady 2Well honestly !  I have never been so insulted in my life !  I was reserved, I had a home to go to and when my new owners (huh) came to collect me they chose my brother Biscotti instead.  Can you jingle bell believe it ?!  So here I am, the most beautiful of beautifuls, four months old and in need of a home.


November 29, 2015

BergerUpdate 2/12/15  GREAT NEWS !  Berger has a home for Christmas and, keeping everything crossed, if all goes well, a forever home !

For those of you who love big beautiful and hairy, let me introduce myself.  I am Berger a gorgeous big griffon.  I weigh about 40 kilos but every kilo is love and affection.  I am fine with other dogs and children – although very small children may be scared of me because of my size.  I am five years old am chipped and neutered  and like my home comforts !!  I am a little lively with cats.  That’s all the good news, the BAD news is that my owners have to move to a flat and, well, you can guess the rest.  The even worse news is that this is to happen on the 15th December so the situation is desperate for me.  Homeless for Christmas, it’s going to be a blue one.


November 27, 2015

BiscottiADOPTED !!

Hallo everyone !  This is your chance to take me, the great Biscotti into your home !  My Mum is a sort of Setter mix and my Dad a very handsome farm dog – think Poldark !  Well my brothers and sisters have gone and there is only me left, possibly because I am more shy than the others.  I am about four months old and would love to come and have a cuddle with you in front of the fire ! 


November 14, 2015

Junior son of Motus MotusMotus and Junior haircut07/03/2016  AT  LAST !  Junior has gone ‘on trial’ and when I rang for news after the first night, he and his owner were taking their morning coffee at the village café !  In the words of the song “I think it’s going to work out fine !  Motus has now joined the official little Poorpaws oldies club and gets to sleep Inside.

14/2/16  First walk off lead today for Motus.  What a star !!  He ran, he jumped and I swear he laughed !!  Never strayed too far, always kept me in sight. Instant recall, came back every time. What a lovely Valentine present for him to find a home.

Update 8/2/16  Still no luck for these two who, I can assure you are lovely dogs.  They are great with the others and it can be rather overwhelming when new dogs arrive here.  Motus and Junior just wander around the garden investigating and go straight back to their park when told.  They love a bit of attention and Junior spins round and round with happiness when he knows he’s going to get a cuddle.

Update 26/1  Motus and Junior are now at Poorpaws, have had a good ‘toilettage’ and, as you can see, are looking great.  I can confirm that they are lovely dogs and don’t seem to have any hang ups at all.  Go on, give ’em a chance !

We’re looking for someone with a HUGE heart here.  Motus (bottom photo) is the 15 year old mother of Junior (above) who is seven years old.  Tragically their owner has died and whilst the dogs were kept at their home being cared for as long as possible by the family, the house has now been sold and Motus and Junior have nowhere to go.  Is there anyone out there who can help this couple to save them from a very sad fate ?


November 5, 2015

Bichon MixThis is little Nikou and, I have to say, a dreadful photo  !!!  Nikou is a Bichon/Poodle mix and is much, much cuter than he looks here.  A little scrap of a dog ideal for all of you who are wanting a small friend.  Seven months old, housetrained and neutered !  You’ll love him I promise !


November 5, 2015

LiamNow who do you think you’re looking at ?  Never seen a Pointer puppy before ?  You’ve probably never seen one as handsome as moi which is why you are staring.  Ok, bring it on, I’m prepared to give you a chance.  Get on the ‘phone to Sue so that your people can meet my people .


November 5, 2015

Golden Retriever 2 yrsMeet Igor a beeyootiful Golden Retriever mix of two and a half years.  A lovely dog whose owner, sadly, is now much too ill to take care of him.


November 2, 2015

Lucy  September 2015 002 (2)This is Lucy who is totally, totally gorgeous.  Lucy has been with us here at Poorpaws since she was a couple of months old.  She was quickly reserved and we agreed to keep her until the prospective owners could move in to their new home.  Sadly, due to incompetant builders and ill health the people are no longer able to take Lucy so we are looking for another new home asap.  Now at five months Lucy is intelligent, affectionate and never runs off on a walk even if her mates do, she sticks close.  She is very lively so needs a home where she will get long walks and lots of exercise.  Fine with other dogs but if there is another dog in the home he/she would need to put up with Lucy wanting to play All The Time ! Cats are no problem, ours put Lucy in her place when she was tiny !


October 1, 2015

Brittanys October 2015Ok, Sue’s favs, Brittany Spaniels, the most beautiful, loving, faithful, intelligent dogs of all time.  Except of course for my one, Jip, who is a right rascal but that’s down to me.  Honestly, adopt a Brittany and you will never ever regret it !


September 22, 2015

Junot16.02.16  Well hallelujah !  Dear Mr. Junot, someone has looked into your eyes and said “Yep, that’s the one for me” so you will be off very soon.  What a lucky person to have you and what a lucky you !

Looking rather pensive Mr. Junot ?  I know why, tomorrow is the day you have a little visit to the vet and will come home just a little bit different !  Don’t worry it makes you no less of a handsome boy whatever anyone else tells you.  Your story is one of the ones that makes me so mad I could scream, your owners moved house and just left you behind.  How could they do that ?  I have only met you once and you are absolutely fantastic, four years old, obediant and a Very Good Boy.  We’ll do our best for you pal and find  someone decent to give you a happy home.

Sue’s extra note.  This dog is wonderful, I saw him again today when he had at least three of the little puppies running round him and hanging on his ears and his tail.  He never made a murmur and was so gentle with them.


September 20, 2015


27/09  22/09 Louis is reserved and should be travelling up to Switzerland very shortly !

Ahh, Little Louis, just two months old he is a mix between a Terrier and a Dwarf Spaniel – no, I had never heard of that one either !  We think Louis will stay small, probably a bit bigger than a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


September 20, 2015


All you Jack Russell fans, here is a cute little lad, two years old and bright as a button


July 25, 2015

Luke and LucyLuke and Lucy B4/8/15  LUKE  ADOPTED

Lucy and Luke are two lively nine week old pups and are what our vets call ‘Berger de Quercy’ which is a polite way of saying “haven’t got a clue” !!  Mum is a Labrador mix and Dad is apparently slightly smaller but these two, I think, but what do I know (!) may turn out to be on the slightly larger side of medium.  To be chipped and vaccinated just as soon as I have time to turn around !


July 14, 2015

Lois Levis4/8/15/  LEVIS (BROWN ONE) ADOPTED

Ok, cutesy cute time !! Two gorgeous little boys who are expected to be slightly bigger than a Brittany Spaniel.  If you visit this site regularly, no need for me to go on again about how fabulous Brittanys are and i’m sure these will be no different !


July 4, 2015

JalyJaly, a gorgeous little hunting dog mix, to me he looks as if his ears are a little too big for his body !  The best type of hunting dog, frightened of hunting !  As i’ve said before, hunting dogs made wonderful companions but an enclosed garden is adviseable !I


July 4, 2015

IoukyNo, I’m not sure how to pronounce it either !!!  Iouky is a pure Swiss White Shepherd , Under two years old.  Very affectionate, loves company and will need a fenced in garden with NO CATS around !!!


July 4, 2015

Little LolaADOPTED !!!!!

Did you say small and cute ??  Well here is Lola a little mixed terrier, a tiny pup who will stay a very small dog.


July 4, 2015

JosyADOPTED !!!!

Meet Josy an adorable little two and a half month Labrit de Pyrenees cross.  She is a Pyreneen Shepherd, not to be mixed with the Pyreneen Mountain dog which is MUCH bigger.  These are neat little dogs, very affectionate with faithful characters.  Like Borders they need to be stimulated mentally not just left to their own devices.


July 4, 2015

Jazz Boy ADOPTED  !!!!

Jazz here is a 14 month Fox Terrier and, in my view, a very unusual one as he is fine with cats and chickens !  Well done Jazz boy, that’s going to make you so much easier to find a home for !  A lovely friendly little chap who underwent Danielle’s grooming skills without a whisper.


June 25, 2015


Julia is a beeyootifull 17 month Chocolate Labrador taken from the misery that was a ghastly breeding place.  Julia is a very shy girl and nervous of men.  So we are looking for a kind calm home where Julia will have owners who will take the time and have the patience to bring Julia back to a lovely happy girl.


June 21, 2015

Pretty KittyADOPTED !!!!!!!

A very kind Poorpaws supporter who has done a lot for us (not only adopting and keeping a dog I assured her would be huge and who then hardly grew at all !!) found this beautiful kitty on the street when she – the kitty – was practically new born.  Without much hope of survival, she was bottle fed and is now bouncing with health at 7 weeks.  The lady cannot keep her so we are looking for a lovely home.  The babe will be chipped before going to her new home.


June 5, 2015


UPDATE 12.06.15:  Well Esprit certainly took the fancy of many of you and unfortunately due to a LiveBox breakdown I was unable to mark her up as “RESERVED”  a few days ago.  She is now ‘on trial’ for a week and all seems to be going fabulously.  Hopefully she’ll soon be on our Happy Endings page.


Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most fabulous dogs Poorpaws has ever been asked to rehome.  Due to very sad circumstances this very gorgeous Standard Poodle needs a new life and a new family.  She is three years old, chipped, vaccinated and will be sterilised.  The gentlest of beings Esprit loves everyone and everything. She is perfect in the car and if you want to see her in seventh heaven, throw a ball for her, again, again and ……. !   Great with other dogs, cats and children.  Sorry about the startled expression on her face, blame the photographer (me !).  Honestly this one is a gem, the life she knew and loved has suddenly been taken away yet she very calmly settled whilst paperwork and chat went on at a busy café then put her trust in us and jumped into the car.  Tissues all round !


June 5, 2015

LucasLucas B“Well I’ve tried looking at you from both eyes and you look great from both sides so how about adopting me ?!  I’m already two and a half months old and still tiny som I’m not going to be a big dog, just ideal for you.  We could have such fun together, go on, make the call !!”


June 4, 2015

Lady BrittanyLeo BrittanyLilou BrittanyWell if you can turn away from the young lady in the bottom photo, then you’re a stronger man than I am Gungadin !!  Here we have three of my very bestest favourites, Brittany Spaniels.  From the top, Lady, Leo and Lilou.   How many times can I say it, Brittanys are the most wonderful dogs, easy to train, loving, faithful, laid back in fact they tick all of my boxes.  Book now to avoid disappointment !!


June 4, 2015

Jimmy Bearded ColleyJimmy JuneUpdate 21/06/15  Well I just can’t understand this, here I am a month later still looking for a home !  I’ve got everything from the cutsie, tangled look to ticking all the boxes in what you want in a dog.  I promise I will be a Very Good Boy and a faithful loving friend. 

Looking for a bundle of fun ?  Then look no more, I’m your boy !  Jimmy by name and cuddle and bounce by nature !  I’m just about three months old and am looking for a home where I can just follow you everywhere.  I’m obediant and will get attached to you very quickly.  I love other dogs so would be great as a companion, but if it’s just you and me, well that’s fine too.

Spider and Molly

May 16, 2015

Spider and MollyThis is a very sad story, one which makes my blood boil and an example of man’s inhumanity to man.  The owners of Spider and Molly planned to live out their years happily here in France.  Heartbreakingly, the gentleman has now got alzheimers and they have to go back to the UK to heaven knows what and cannot take their gorgeous cats with them.  The poor lady has had the fear of God put in to her by someone she thought would help and/or give advice as  that is what they do, only to be told that it is illegal to rehome cats who are not vaccinated and chipped (strictly speaking this is true but, hey, come on, I’m sure the law enforcers have better things to do).  This drove the poor lady to take her cats to the vet to be put down, but luckily the vets refused.  So, is there anyone who can take one HUGE worry from the poor lady.

I have much more to write re the above but to avoid unpleasantness will say only this, if you are looking to adopt a cat and I don’t have one to suggest, PLEASE, PLEASE go to your local S.P.A., refuge, (Cahors pound charges nothing for a cat) or your vet, or ask me to find one for you.


May 15, 2015


So Daisy, tell us your story.  “Well it’s like this.  I was born on a farm six years ago and given to my present owners.  They were told that  I am a Setter, but as you can see I am in fact mostly Cocker Spaniel.  I had six years of being the apple of my owners’ eyes, spoilt rotten, taken everywhere, life was grand.  Then it all came tumbling down when my owners’ daughter came to live with us and brought with her two very young humans who then got all the attention.  To say I am miffed is putting it mildly so I thought I would try to educate them as I would have my own children, a little nip when they got on my nerves.  This went down like the proverbial lead balloon and now I have to move out.  My bags are packed and I am looking for a lovely home where I will again be loved and where there are no ‘little people’.  Bigger children who are like adults are no problem.  I am fully vaccinated, chipped, sterilised and have a passport.  I get on well with other dogs and cats don’t worry me.  Please get in touch with Sue if you are that family so that we can all be happy again.”  Ok Daisy, I’m on the case.