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Below you will find dogs that Poorpaws has had up for adoption and who are now happily living with their new families having been homed either by Poorpaws or one of the many other dog rescue groups that we work with.

Also see our Happy Endings section which features Previous Poorpaws where we have received an update and some pictures from the new owners.


April 5, 2017

Hi there !  We are Misty and Binky and we are hoping for a happier life than our Mum has.  Every time she has pups they are taken from her at birth but this time she was canny and hid us away !  Our lovely neighbour Rachel looked after us until we were ready to leave Mum and brought us to Poorpaws where we are learning what freedom is.  Mum is a German Shepherd and Dad a Brittany Spaniel so we are hoping we will be very intelligent and great companions.  We are little girls, Misty is the black one and Binky the German Shepherd colouring.  We have been vaccinated and will be chipped as soon as we have happy new homes to go to.


March 21, 2017

30/08/17  Well, what do you know ?  Old gentleman recovered well, called to see if Egan was still available and I took him  up to Limoges last week.  All going superbly well.  Brilliant for this lovely gentle dog.

31/07/17  Update:  Poor Egan has had a great disappointment.  He was all set to go to a lovely elderly gentleman up in the Vienne when the man was taken ill so everything has had to be cancelled.  I can’t tell you how choked I am about this – and of course, sorry for the poor man.  So is there another kind soul out there who could turn Egan’s sadness in to joy ?

“Please don’t talk about me one eye’s gone” !!  Poor Egan here was attacked by another dog and as a result had to have one eye removed.  His owner has decided that for his safety he would like him to go to a new home as it  would be easier to home Egan rather than the aggressive dog.  Egan is about seven years old, is neutered, a gentle soul who is used to living  outside (though he says he doesn’t mind trying indoors too !)


March 7, 2017


What a little angel !  Moussy a seven month female Golden Retriever, brought to us in a pitiful condition.  Now after love and care she has turned in to a beautiful dog with a wonderful character.  She has clearly never lived indoors but we are sure this would be no problem as she is loving and eager to learn.  She could also live outside so long as she has a warm, cosy, draught free kennel.  Many of our dogs live outside and are often healthier for it.  Moussy will be chipped, vaccinated and sterilised.


February 23, 2017


Helton here is a gorgeous four and a half year old English Setter and ticks all the English Setter boxes, as in friendly, cuddly ………. and a bolter, so a fenced in property is essential !


February 23, 2017


Border Collies are a bit like buses at the moment, none for ages then they are all over the place !  This is Maguy a beautiful seven month female.  Usual blurb for Borders, they need a LOT of exercise both physical and mental.


February 23, 2017

This is little Mila a gorgeous little girl who is just seven months old and who has already experienced what shite some people can be.  The operation on her leg was the result of a vicious kick by her previous owner.  We are confident from the veterinary’s report that this will have no effect on her future abilities and activities.  Come on, let’s show her that there are nice people around.


February 23, 2017


Hi, I’m Maxou, three months old little boy.  I’m a Griffon so will have the dangly ears which are so cute.  You can see from the pictures I can do a ‘fierce’ face or a cutey one depending on what the circumstances demand !


February 22, 2017


Barbarella and Bella Donna, just goes to show you can have the poshest names but it still doesn’t protect you from homelessness !  These poor mini Jack Russells find themselves looking for a new home at 11 (!) years old because the owners are returning to the UK and the dogs won’t be going.  Not the dogs fault, PLEASE has anyone got space/love to give ?


February 13, 2017

These pups are just about six weeks old, so really too young to be taken from Mum but we were given an ultimatum, “take them now or we will deal with them” !!  Mum is a black spaniel and Dad we are not too sure about but the finger of guilt is pointed at a sort of Labrador.  Whatever, they are gorgeous and look as if they will have the slightly curly coat of a spaniel. There are three black boys, one brown/black mix boy and a brown/black mix female.  They will stay here at Poorpaws until they are two months old and have survived the first vaccination and been chipped, then we will be seeking happy homes for them.  I say “survived” because we are finding that sadly some pups take ill after the first jab, yet we are obliged to get it done.  However, these look a feisty lot so far so fingers crossed.


February 6, 2017

Mimba is a gorgeous Lab/Griffon with the slightly rough hair look that so many of you love.  those of you who read the News Page of the website will have read about her in my Grrrr of the month !  Seven months old, Mimba went missing and when she was found her owners didn’t want her back because they had been “so upset” and had got “used to living without her” !!!  She is great, full of fun and loves to play with other dogs but equally happy alone.


February 2, 2017

04/02/17  ADOPTED !

Maiko is a seven month Pointer/Braque adolescent.  His parents are great hunters but Maiko would also make a great companion pet. Never having lived indoors he is at present undergoing basic training with Danielle where he is proving to be very quick to learn.  Fine with cats and children, a fenced in garden would be advisable.


January 25, 2017


Mengo is a sweetie little Coton de Tulear coming up for one year old in February.  A great little lad who, however, does NOT like being left alone when he gets a severe attack of the yaps !  So we need a home where he will not be left or somewhere where he will have canine company.


January 17, 2017


Mousty is a three month old Border Colley type pup.  His mother is a true Border who works with a flock of sheep so we are thinking there are some good brains in there !  Mousty turned up, together with Mum and brother in a friend’s garden and luckily we were able to trace the owner who has asked us to home Mousty for him.  Mousty is undergoing basic training at Danielle’s and is proving to be very bright.  Anyone wishing to adopt Mousty should realise that Borders need a lot of exercise both physical and mental, they are a joy to work with.


January 2, 2017

ADOPTED !!!What a poppet !  Little Major is an Australian Colley mix, three months old and an absolute sweetie.  We’ll just sit back and wait for the ‘phone to ring !


December 23, 2016


All I want for Christmas (or even New Year) is a new happy home !  This lovely boy is not yet two years old, a mix between a Griffon and a Brittany Spaniel (yey !).  Is used to indoor and outdoor living, a great little lovable lad who has done nothing to deserve being chucked out.  Adopted as a babe by people much too old who are now unable to look after him.  Grrrrr from me.


November 25, 2016



Ok, call off the search, here I am, the dog of your dreams !  Five months old, a pure Bitsa (bitsa this and bits a that for the uninitiated).  I’m  five months old so don’t know much about life yet but would just love you to teach me !


November 25, 2016



I was told to put on my best smile so here it is and how about that cheeky look in my eye ?!  I am a five month old Labrador/Border mix so have the lovely gentle nature of the Lab combined with the wit of the Border, what more can you ask ?!


November 25, 2016


Shadow by name and Shadow by nature.  This beautiful Belgian Shepherd dog is urgently looking for a new home because the other dog in the house has turned against her.  Shadow is six years old, obedient, loving and can’t wait to start her new life.


November 25, 2016



 Meet Justy a lovely Braque/Pointer mix, 2 years old and a great little dog. Rescued from an unhappy place, Justy only wants to be your pal.


October 26, 2016

These just have to be two of the most lovely pups we have ever had.  Two females, three months old who will, we are sure, grow to be ‘biggish’ (!).  Danielle thinks 20 kilos minimum.



October 21, 2016

maddiemaddie-face-onmore-maddie10/12/16   RESERVED !!!!!!!   ADOPTED !

UPDATE 29.11.16  Well after what we thought was going to be a super adoption Maddie is back here.  She was great in every way but wanted to play with the cats.  This is very sad as Maddie is totally used to cats, we have loads here and she has never been aggressive with any of them, in fact the reverse is true, many is the swipe she has had from them.  She just wants to play.

Here is little Maddie, two or three months old, another pure Bitsa (bits a this and bits a that) and hey, aren’t that breed just the best ?!  Taken from Mum I expected her to be nervous and tearful, not a bit of it, when I brought her home she got very excited when she saw all the gang and was very anxious to get down and in the game.  To be chipped and vaccinated onTuesday 25th October.


October 16, 2016

edgarADOPTED !!!

Edgar is a small poodle/dachshund mix aged one year and eight months.  Full of fun with a terrier mentality.  Ideal for someone used to terriers, with a good sized enclosed garden who likes plenty of exercise.   No good for anyone without authority over their dog !!  Edgar is chipped, vaccinated, neutered and has a passport !


October 1, 2016

indie-in-paris indie-bAdopted !UPDATE 06/10/16  INDIE IS ADOPTED ! Indie is a beautiful little Beagle of just nine months.  She was rescued by some lovely students in Paris who have taken great care of her.  However, student life in student accommodation is proving difficult so Danielle and I were approached to taking her and finding Indie a lovely home in the country where she can run around doing what Beagles like to do !  Kind Haley brought Indie all the way down to Cahors on the train and although tremendously sad to leave her behind, was happy to see her running around at Danielles, playing tag with the geese and jumping over puppies.  Indie is a darling, VERY lively and needs a home with a good garden to chase around in with a family who will take her on  l o n g walks and love her to pieces – who wouldn’t ?!


September 19, 2016

lucien2/2/17  ADOPTED !!

Ok really sorry about the photo, my computer is throwing a hissy fit !  But it doesn’t matter which way up you look at Lucien he is just ADORABLE !!  At just one year old he is chipped, vaccinated and neutered.  He has a basic education and is obedient, loves to swim.  Mum is a Flat Coated Retriever and Dad a passing stranger, possibly a Bruno de Jura, which everyone knows is a fabulous natured breed.  Lucien would like to be the only dog, not because he is difficult with others, quite the opposite, but Lucien is a leader not a follower and he could lead any new friends astray !  Alone with his owner he is the happiest of happies.


August 12, 2016

Paco d'InvictusThere’s a long story here so bear with me !  Paco was adopted from a BB (bastard breeder for anyone who is new to the website).  A lovely couple took him intending to give him a good life and rescue him from the hell trap where he was living with many other Coton de Tulears, no effort having been made by the BB to socialise the pups.  The couple intended for Paco to be a central part of their family going everywhere with them, but poor Paco was just so frightened of everything that it was impossible for them to take him to work with them and there was a very distressing time when Paco escaped and was missing for six weeks, being found in a very poor condition.  Therefore, with broken hearts they brought Paco to my colleague Danielle.  Danielle has worked very hard with Paco to get him used to the new world around him, new faces and new surroundings.  He is making great progress.  He can however NEVER be left off the lead on a walk and MUST have a securely fenced in, escape proof, garden or an apartment life.  The person who adopts Paco must not baby him to increase his insecurities but treat him just as any other dog with the usual fun and kindness.  Paco now comes to Danielle when she calls and this is a HUGE step forward.  Every advice and help will be offered to the person who adopts lovely little Paco.


August 12, 2016

MiniboyEnough with the jokes, I’ve heard them all, my name is Miniboy not Minibar.  Oh grief, why can’t we dogs choose our own names ?! Personally, I think I look more like a Prince or Jeeves or something with a bit of class, not something associated with people getting drunk and behaving badly ! As you can see I’m cute as a button, know how to behave, looking forward to having fun with you and will be ready to go from 15th August !


August 12, 2016

MojitoMojito, gorgeous two month old Lab mix.  ‘Nuff said !


July 30, 2016

Brandy BBrandy AAdopted !09/08/16  ADOPTED !!!

This is Brandy, you may remember his sister Tammy ?  Their owner sadly has had to go into a home and could not take Tammy and Brandy.  Both dogs were rehomed but Brandy has not been as lucky as Tammy, his new owner how has problems and regretfully we are now looking for another home for Brandy – third time lucky ?  Brandy is 8 years old, chipped, vaccinated and neutered.  Like a lot of little dogs he thinks he is top dog so doesn’t get on with other males too well.  Definitely needs a cat/rabbit/any little furry thing free home.  On the other paw, he is loving and affectionate and in fine fettle for long walks and play.


July 22, 2016

Creamy labHi out there, anyone want to come and play with me ?  I am a three year old lady Labrador, I’ve been chipped, vaccinated and sterilised.  I’m looking for a new home because my owner is just so busy she has no time to play with me or walk me or have fun with me or just to BE with me and I LOVE company.  So if you think I could be a good addition to your household, don’t hesitate, make the call or send the email !!


July 12, 2016

Leon B July 2016 Leon July 2016Eight month old Leon, a beautiful Irish Setter mix now finds himself alone since his sister was adopted.  Leon is a lovely lad just waiting for that certain someone to stop at his gate and say “that’s the one” !!


July 3, 2016

Roxanne BADOPTED !!!!

Adopted !Meet Roxanne, an absolute sweetie pie !  Roxanne is just one year old and is a mix between a Labrit (Pyreneen sheepdog to you and me, not to be confused with a Pyreneen Mountain dog !) and a Harlequin Border.  She has the sweetest nature and we have yet to find anyone who does not go ‘oh, aaahh’ when they meet her.  Roxanne was given to us by someone who is not in a situation to take care of a dog.  You’ll love her  – especially when her fur grows back a bit !


June 21, 2016


Meet Gavaroche, one of my favourites.  Gav came to Poorpaws a few months ago now and has really had rotten luck.  He was rescued from a ghastly situation and came to us in a dreadful state.  Half starved and without a lot of his fur.  Medication and lots of TLC have sorted that out.  There were several people interested in him and his sad story but sadly no adoption followed.  We think he is about eight years old and his ideal home would be one where he gets long walks and where he has a fenced in garden.  He is full of love, bears no grudges and leaps around like a pup when it is walk time.  He loves a cuddle and used to make me laugh when he had poorly ears, he would see me coming with the ear drops and immediately lie down with his paws over both ears.  He really is a lovely boy and I am bordering on giving up chocolate until he is homed – so please help us both !!!


June 21, 2016

LoupiLoupi is quite simply a fabulous Pointer who, when he hadn’t been sold, was just left in a park without care and very little food.  When he came to my colleague Danielle he was just skin and bone.  He’s getting on fine now though and will soon be ready to go to a new home when he looks like what a one year old Pointer should look like.


June 21, 2016


Adopted !The sweetest little boy with an unfortunate photo – his head is not really bigger than his body !!  At two and a half months old Milo is a Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel mix with a short tail.  Just adorable !


May 23, 2016

LeneaRegulars to the website will know of my love of anything Spaniel and here we have a beauty.  At 10 months old Lenea is a beautiful tricolour who loves to be with people whether it be striding out across the countryside or snuggled up by the fire.  These dogs are brilliant companions and totally faithful. 


May 23, 2016

IbizaIs it just me, or does Ibiza seem to have an extraordinarily large tongue !!  Anyway, more Chocolate Labs taken from a breeder I would rather never hear of again.  Louba is 1 year 4 months and Ibiza 2 years six months.  Which is which ?  I have no idea !!! 


May 23, 2016

Lou new photoUPDATE 03/08/16  Yey, put up the banners, let’s have a parade !  After reading about Lou’s disappointment a lovely couple got in the car and drove all the way down from Calvados !  They couldn’t even be sure that they could take Lou, it depended on how their very timid dog took to him.  Well, everything went well and as I write this Lou is on his way to a fabulous new home.  Well done Lou, you have waited so long, you deserve this, be happy and be sure to send photos !

UPDATE 26/07/16   Well Lou, what a bummer was that ?!  Adopted by a family and brought back LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER.  Why ?  BECAUSE LOU  WAS NOT  AFFECTIONATE  ENOUGH !!  Honestly sometimes (well quite often really) I want to hit people.  Poor Lou, taken from the only home he has ever known, our refuge, and expected to be immediately uber loving to people he had never met before.  Come on, please someone with a grain of intelligence take this lovely boy.


Poor little Lou – and I mean little !  He has been waiting for nearly a year now to find his own proper home and we cannot understand why this lovely boy is passed over each time.  He has seen his sisters both move on and just waits patiently.

Bruiser looking pups !

April 19, 2016

CHIOTS CROISES BERGER (2)23/05/2016  Only one little black pup left.

“Ok, now listen very carefully, if one of you lot out there doesn’t hurry up and call to adopt us, there is going to be bovver because we KNOW people if you see what we mean !  We’re looking tough here but in fact we are as soft as chocolate buttons in the sunshine.  We were picked out of a dustbin and believe you me when we find out who did it ………!  We are sisters and will be ready to go to our new homes around the beginning of May, so get cracking.  No we don’t know who our parents are, what part of “picked out of a dustbin” didn’t you understand ?  Danielle thinks we’ll be medium or perhaps a bit bigger and what Danielle says, goes !


April 19, 2016

LOULA (2)Dear little Loula, this is a dreadful photo, she is not at all portly as she looks here and is in fact a very slight little thing.  One and a half years old, she is what the French call ‘tonique’ – lively to you and me – when outside but calm indoors.  another one who will need enough exercise !


April 19, 2016

LEA (2)Little Lea is just nine months old, a lively little girl who will stay small and need plenty of exercise.


April 19, 2016

LANCELOT (2)26/07/16  BRILLIANT  NEWS !!!   Lancelot has at last been chosen and by someone very special too.  His lovely new owner is paying for him to be taken to England where he will have a new pal and an amazing home.  This story has brought tears to my eyes, Lancelot has waited for sooo long.  Good on you Lancelot, you deserve this.

This is Lancelot a lovely boy of just under a year old.  for some reason he is always passed over, who knows why ?  Nothing outstanding about him but he’s a great little guy, friendly and affectionate and would make a super family dog.


April 4, 2016

Jake Jake again09/04/2016  ……… and the lovely home has been found !!  As soon as Jake is fit enough for his vaccination and chip he will be off to live with Annie and her family where there is already another dog to teach Jake how to get in to all sorts of mischief ! Brilliant !

Meet Jake, we are told he is a cross between a Fox Terrier and a Dachshund.  Poor little Jake and his brothers and sisters were being sold out of a cardboard box at a boot fair yesterday for 10 euros each.  It is ILLEGAL to sell animals at boot fairs but I have to say that goodness knows what would have happened otherwise.  A lovely lady who already has four rescue dogs and no money could not leave him there to an unknown fate so forked out the 10 euros and persuaded another couple to do likewise.  We are now looking for a lovely home for little Jake who is probably just about two months old.  Looks as if the poor mite has already been in the wars but the cut under his eye is probably the result of a bit of rough and tumble with the rest of the litter. 


April 4, 2016

EdgarHallo everyone out there, I’m Edgar and I am the last of Rosie’s pups to find a home.  Can you bally believe it ?  Just look at me, all cute and worried, I’m going to be soooo lonesome when the others go.  Mummy tells me that people are saving the best to last and I hope that’s true.  I’m a gorgeous black colour with brown highlights in fact I could almost be classed as chocolate, hmm I could have been called Cadbury !


April 1, 2016

Laika16/05/2016  The person who as to adopt Laika has changed her mind so you have another chance to snap this little lovely up.  A dream dog !

Here we have an absolute poppet !  Little Laika, who at the moment is smaller than this photo makes her out to be, is a Darling.  Normally I am wary of anything with Husky in but I was with this little girl yesterday and she is a doll.  Obediant, gentle, affectionate and clearly used to children.  We guess she is around five to six months and will be an absolute beauty !


March 20, 2016


Tammy06/04/2016  EXCELLENT NEWS !  I didn’t dare post it before in case everything went pear shaped but I am over the moon to report that as from yesterday Tammy has started a new life up in the Savoie region of France.  Thanks a MILLION to DogLinks who found a fabulous new owner for Tammy and to David Marker who drove her to meet her new owner.

Things  are getting very desperate for little Tammy now.  Tammy is a ten year old Jack Russell whose owner has died and Tammy is staying with family who are unable to keep her because of conflict with the resident dogs.  Even worse, the family will be moving shortly and Tammy faces a sad end if a home cannot be found for her.  Tammy is small and very cute, she needs absolutely a fenced in garden, NO CATS OR OTHER FURRY LITTLE ANIMALS and no other female dogs, she is fine with males ( slapper !).  Please, please, please is there anyone out there who could even foster her ?  I would have her at Poorpaws in a flash but we have many cats who are not at all afraid of dogs, plus many females.  HELP !!!


March 2, 2016

Toby A Toby B31/03/2016  ADOPTED !!!

Toby here.  Now I might be rather biased but I do feel that I am rather a handsome chappie and Sue, who was here this morning,  confirmed it.  So, all you Boxer lovers, come see about me !! If you think I am looking a bit strange in the bottom (no pun intended) photo it is because Sue and Danielle have just taken the stitches out of my tail, you see there was something wrong with it and it would not get better so it was taken off.  I don’t miss it (at least I won’t swipe the glasses off your coffee table) and just wag my rear end now.  I was so good when they took the stiches out Sue couldn’t believe it.  Of course I love to run around and play, well I’m only a year old, but Danielle is teaching me how to be a Very Good Boy and I’m a fast learner.  Oh when my tail was taken off something else was removed too, haven’t found out what it was yet. (Sue’s note, just don’t think about it Toby !)


March 2, 2016

Loupy Lou B Loopy LouSOS from me LoopyLou !  I’m only seven months old and already  I’m in a refuge, can you believe it ?!  I should be in a happy family going on long walks, perhaps playing with the kids (no worries if there aren’t any) and generally having a great time.  Please adopt me  this is just not FAIR !!!


March 1, 2016

JackJackJackJack (2)02/03/2016 RESERVED ALREADY YEY !!!

Hallo, my name is JackJack, well that is my name now after I was found by the lovely Shameem when I was cold, wet and starving hungry.  Apparently JackJack is the name of a character in a children’s book and I like it, a bit like New York, so good they named me twice !!  No-one can find my previous owner and they obviously are not lookng for me so they can’t have loved me that much and certainly not as much as Shameem does.  Sadly she cannot keep me but will look after me until an equally lovely person comes forward to adopt me.  They think I am about 18 months old (I know the truth but aint telling !) but this will be checked next week when apparently I will be taken to someone called “The Vet” to be “chipped, vaccinated and neutered”, not sure what that is but it sounds like fun !!

Sue at Poorpaws is always banging on about Border Collies needing mental as well as physical exercise and she is quite right. Not the lying about in front of the fire life for me – although that is lovely at the end of the day – I need lots of walks and games.

So, are you the one(s) for me ?  Well contact Sue and I’ll give you the once over.  By the way, I’m friendly with other dogs.



February 11, 2016

LEGOLittle Lego, how come you haven’t been snapped up instantly ?!  You are such a cute little bunny, oops sorry, you may want to chase those when you are older !!  My favourite breed, Brittany Spaniel you are only three months but I know you will grow up to be a fabulous, faithful friend like nearly all Brittanys do.


February 11, 2016

Eos Eos BSCUM,  LOWLIFE,  MAY YOU ROT.  This is what I say to the specimen who kept this lovely little girl in these conditions.  Eos is about seven years old and I know there are many of you looking for not so young little dogs, so get thee in touch with the Refuge Canin Lotois at Cahors pronto where little Eos is, probably for the first time in her life, getting some TLC. The ‘phone number is 0565226632.