Below you will find details of the dogs we have for adoption. These are mainly with Danielle at La Mere aux Betes in Castelnau Montratier, but contact me for more details. Dogs will be chipped, vaccinated, wormed and had flea treatment before adoption and if the dog is not sterilised we can get this done for you at a more reasonable price.

If you do not see a dog who appeals to you, get in touch anyway as we have new dogs coming in regularly and they may not yet be on the website. I can also direct you to other associations who may have just what you want.


September 26, 2020

Just look at this lovely boy !  Pilou is a six year old Setter/Spaniel mix who is used to living indoors and out.  Anyone who has a Setter/Spaniel mix, will be quick to tell you what absolutely lovely dogs they are.  Ok, there are exceptions as in all breeds, but they are very rare.  Pilou’s little mischief is stealing food off the table (who doesn’t ?!) but whereas for most people it is greed, poor Pilou had an owner who neglected him, so he never knew when his next meal was coming.  He has filled out now and is ready to go to a loving home.  As for most Setters, a fenced in garden is probably better.


September 3, 2020

Zak is a big beautiful boy ! A Beauceron/Labrador mix, he is 7 years old and in sparkling health.  He is well behaved, obedient and would make a good guardian but is not aggressive.  Just to see him in the garden would dissuade anyone with dubious intentions.  He loves to play and shared a park with a smaller female dog until she was adopted.  They would have completely mad ten minute games, racing around chasing each other and playing with a ball.  When I saw him I remember I thought that he is just a happy, happy dog with a permanent smile on his face.  He’s not good with cats though, he chases them, so a cat free home is what he needs with a large fenced in garden or isolated situation.


August 23, 2020

Update – 26.08.20  I spent time with Marot today and he simply would be great for a retired couple/person.  After two weeks with us, he is showing signs of a waistline and I am sure it will not be long before he finds his true sylphlike self.

This is Marot, a great lump of cuddle.  Poor Marot’s owner died last year and he has not had much exercise since, but clearly lots of treats !  At five years old Marot is in need of a diet and exercise, has lots of love to give and would make a great companion.


June 12, 2020

ADOPTED  YEY !  As Pheobus has grown, we can see definite signs of a Spanish Galgo with the beautiful Galgo formation of the body.   Such a lovely boy who is constantly overlooked next to puppies and ‘cuties’.  Dear Peobus would be a great ‘man’s’ pal !

Pheobus a seven month Bitsa (bits a this and bits a that !) – aren’t they just the best ?!  A very affectionate boy who bears no grudges for having been left by the dustbins.  Plenty of energy Pheobus will need a fenced in garden or an isolated position.  Learning quickly and in need of a little more education.  Can be neutered at the association’s special tarif if required.


December 5, 2019


June 21, 2013


My friend Rowan who is the President of the SPA at Carcassonne, received this ‘letter’ from a lovely lady who had recently lost a much loved dog who had been rescued from the refuge.  Many people say to me when their dog dies, that they could never have another as they cannot stand the pain when the dog goes.  Read this Last Will from a dying dog and once you have put the tissues away, open your heart and home to a rescue dog.lastwill

October 26, 2011