Below you will find listed the dogs we have looking for their forever homes. If there is not one there who tugs at your heartstrings then please do get in touch as we are getting new dogs nearly every day (honestly !) and not all make it to press before being homed. Our adoption fee is 160 euros which includes vaccination and chip. If the dog is old enough to be sterilised/neutered, we can arrange for this to be done at a special price.

At Poorpaws we want any dog to be adopted from anywhere so please do consult the following websites to check out other needy souls. La Mere aux Betes (our sister refuge), Refuge Canin Lotois (in Cahors), Dog-Links ( a website connecting dogs with new owners on line) and Les Oublies de Saint Beart (Castelsarrassin, Tarn et Garonne).

Another refuge with many dogs to home is La Ferme des Rescapés in Cassagne, Lot. Please do have a look at their websiteé The association cannot reply to emails so to contact them please call 0565366485 / 0604418045 and be sure you say you come from Susan at Poorpaws.


February 23, 2018


23/02/18   Well, here I am still here after nine months of waiting for my forever home.  I have not been picked and just cannot understand.  I have come on in leaps and bounds (no pun intended) in my training and am just a fabulous dog.  I am looking for an active home where I will have longs walks – and I know there are a lot of you out there who regularly go on walks together – and an enclosed garden to play in when I am not out or sleeping.  PLEASE will someone give me a chance ?

May 2017. Hallo there !  Not a great photo but it is difficult as I’m always smiling or laughing !  I’m Toby,  a mix of Spaniels and I am FUN !!  I’m only six months old and at the moment am learning to be a Very Good Boy here at Danielle’s.  I love playing with other dogs and I love country walks with my nose to the ground – you could even get me to hunt truffles !!  I look totally black in this photo but in fact I have some very attractive chestnut colouring also.


February 23, 2018

No interest in these two so far, cannot understand it !  Should I perhaps add that they do not have to be adopted as a pair?  They can be separated.

Ok,  back off and form an orderly queue please !  These babes were found wandering the streets and there has been no success in finding where they came from.  They have been with us here at Poorpaws for the last five weeks or so and are now a tad larger than this photo (my camera has given up the ghost).  About four months old, on your left meet Nestlé, so named because his ears look as if they have been dipped in chocolate.  We thought he was a hunting dog but as he has got a bit bigger his ears don’t seem as large and our vet thinks he is more a spaniel mix.  On the right is Nancy a perfectly beautiful grey and white Border colley mix.  Both are now chipped an vaccinated and waiting to enrich your life.  Oh sooooooo cute !


February 22, 2018

Little Toby, what a cutie !  I’m shooting myself in the foot here but I met this little lad at the Refuge Canin Lotois in Cahors last week and fell in love !  It is now my mission in life to find him a home.  He arrived at the refuge a very frightened little bunny and would cower when approached but thanks to the great work of the people at the refuge, is now a friendly little chap.  About the size of a whippet but a tad more flesh Toby runs with a sort of Bambi like hop.  He is around two years old and just adorable.  The refuge say not for a family with very young children and I’m thinking this is because he ‘mouths’ which is totally not the same thing as nipping or biting.  Please, please go and see him !

Now it is REALLY urgent that these boys find homes urgently.  They are in a house without a garden and have roads either side.  The owner is having huge difficulty keeping them in and there is a real danger that they will get run over.  They are five months old, cute and affectionate.


December 9, 2017

Darko (dreadful name !) is a beautiful 18 month mix between a Dutch Shepherd and a Cane Corso.  a very impressive looking dog who is a spoofer as he is a very gentle dog and fine with children.  Sadly Darko lived near sheep which was not a good place for him to be !


Help Figeac Refuge too

February 16, 2017

I have been asked to put out a plea for help for the refuge at Figeac.  They are in great need of dog walkers.  There are over 100 dogs there and not enough walkers / adopters.  Poorpaws adopted a poor dog from there many years ago who went in as a pup and had still not been adopted TWELVE YEARS later.  I just wanted her to know freedom and sleeping on grass in the shade of a tree for her final years and this she did.  For details please go to – 563586680502236/

or contact San Barto at

Thank you


June 21, 2013


My friend Rowan who is the President of the SPA at Carcassonne, received this ‘letter’ from a lovely lady who had recently lost a much loved dog who had been rescued from the refuge.  Many people say to me when their dog dies, that they could never have another as they cannot stand the pain when the dog goes.  Read this Last Will from a dying dog and once you have put the tissues away, open your heart and home to a rescue dog.lastwill

October 26, 2011