Below you will find details of the dogs we have for adoption. These are mainly with Danielle at La Mere aux Betes in Castelnau Montratier, but contact me for more details. Adoption fee is 180 euros, dogs will be chipped, vaccinated, wormed and had flea treatment before adoption and if the dog is not sterilised we can get this done for you at a more reasonable price.

If you do not see a dog who appeals to you, get in touch anyway as we have new dogs coming in regularly and they may not yet be on the website. I can also direct you to other associations who may have just what you want.


November 16, 2019

As Danielle will be away until 2nd December there will be no adoptions for a couple of weeks.  However, there are several dogs on the ‘waiting list’ for when she comes back, including Pinscher mix pups, so keep looking in.

Tommy and Robbie

October 31, 2019

Tommy (ginger) and Robbie are four and five years old respectively and have a sad story to tell. They turned up at the home of an elderly lady who took care of them and had them vaccinated, neutered and tested for feline aids.  Now the lady has had to move in with her daughter as she herself needs caring for now.  The daughter took the cats too, thinking things would ‘settle down’ with her own cats.  Unfortunately this has not happened so Tommy and Robbie find themselves living outside having been used to the comfort of a warm  loving home.  Both are affectionate and love nothing more than a cuddle and welcoming lap.  Winter is coming and the family are desperate to find a home/homes for these two lovely boys.  If you have a home to offer, please call Louise (English) on 0553407179, or, of course get in touch with me.


September 6, 2019

My colleague Danielle is a very kind person who has had a load of kittens dumped on her.  They are very pretty as you can see.  If you can give a home to one – or two ! – call Danielle if you speak French on 0565219450 (she is in  Castelnau Montratier), or call me 0565245303 if you don’t.


August 14, 2019

Norton is a Big Boy !  18 months old and weighing in at 40 kilos he is a Beauceron/Labrador mix.  Norton will need plenty of space, preferably fenced in.  Definitely not suitable for ‘lotissment’ living.  He loves people, is not keen on other male dogs but ok with females.  At the moment Norton is in the Bordeaux area.  A great dog to have around is you want to dissuade unwanted callers who would be put off just by his size ! 


August 14, 2019

Not the best of photos but these little lads are brothers of Pixel who regulars to the website will remember.  Pixel has proved to be a very bright, quick to learn, loving little boy and there is no reason to think the brothers will be any different.  They show all the positive signs of their brother.  Great family dogs !


June 21, 2013


My friend Rowan who is the President of the SPA at Carcassonne, received this ‘letter’ from a lovely lady who had recently lost a much loved dog who had been rescued from the refuge.  Many people say to me when their dog dies, that they could never have another as they cannot stand the pain when the dog goes.  Read this Last Will from a dying dog and once you have put the tissues away, open your heart and home to a rescue dog.lastwill

October 26, 2011