We are always delighted to hear from pet lovers and Poor Paws supporters from all over the world, but please bear in mind we are based in South West France and can only consider adoptions with people living in France.

Below you will find details of the dogs we have for adoption. These are mainly with Danielle at La Mere aux Betes in Castelnau Montratier, but contact me for more details. Dogs will be chipped, vaccinated, wormed and had flea treatment before adoption and if the dog is not sterilised we can get this done for you at a more reasonable price.

If you do not see a dog who appeals to you, get in touch anyway as we have new dogs coming in regularly and they may not yet be on the website. I can also direct you to other associations who may have just what you want.


April 8, 2021

ADOPTED !!  Dobby kitten was found in a very poor state and has been to the vet to be de-flead and de-ticked.  He is a very affectionate little chap, comes when called, loves to snuggle and … fine with dogs !!!!  The lady who found him would loved to have kept him but unfortunately her four resident cats are not of the same opinion and poor Dobby has to be kept in a room away from them.  A beautiful smokey grey and white, he is a real pearl.


March 22, 2021

This is one really fabulous dog.  Pheonix is a two year old German Shepherd who is just the best.  Obediant, loving, great with children, everything a GS lover could look for.  We are looking for a happy family home for this young lady, not a situation as a guard dog, we need a home where there is someone at home during the day as she is used to company.  Pheonix is chipped vaccinated and sterilised.


March 15, 2021

This  GORGEOUS boy is Jerry.  Jerry is eight years old and a darling, albeit a darling who has fear problems.  He is very timid and nervous of people and sudden noises.  He has a great fear of men and will freeze if confronted with one, but shows no aggression.  He is having help with these problems and gets on great with other dogs.  So, a very special home required for Jerry.  Update 24.03.21  Jerry is a very gentle soul as proved by a video sent to me, PLUS he is ok with cats !


February 28, 2021

This little critter is 100% energy and needs a home where he will get PLENTY of exercise and where he is unlikely to come into contact with cats.  At just about two years old, he is a dear little lad who is undergoing obedience training with Danielle, to get him to walk on a lead without pulling you to Paris.  Not for the aged retired, Prancer needs someone with authority – which,  we Brits are usually a bit feeble at !


November 18, 2020

Pocker – as I’ve said on many occasions, I don’t choose the names ! – is a Terveuren of one year who is described as, affectionate, faithful, sensitive and timid who needs an owner who knows the breed and will help Pocker to get his confidence back. (Changing the name might be a good start !)  He is fine with other dogs and children, not tested with cats.  Being traiined to walk on a lead which he has noever done.  Needs a fenced in garden or isolated situation.


November 18, 2020


Three year old Naty is a Cane Corso.  These are very impressionable dogs and Naty is affectionate and calm, not worried about being left alone.  She has been used to living outside and inside – and prefers the latter.  No need for other dogs and cats, she likes to be alone with her humans.


September 3, 2020


Zak is a big beautiful boy ! A Beauceron/Labrador mix, he is 7 years old and in sparkling health.  He is well behaved, obedient and would make a good guardian but is not aggressive.  Just to see him in the garden would dissuade anyone with dubious intentions.  He loves to play and shared a park with a smaller female dog until she was adopted.  They would have completely mad ten minute games, racing around chasing each other and playing with a ball.  When I saw him I remember I thought that he is just a happy, happy dog with a permanent smile on his face.  He’s not good with cats though, he chases them, so a cat free home is what he needs with a large fenced in garden or isolated situation.


December 5, 2019


June 21, 2013


My friend Rowan who is the President of the SPA at Carcassonne, received this ‘letter’ from a lovely lady who had recently lost a much loved dog who had been rescued from the refuge.  Many people say to me when their dog dies, that they could never have another as they cannot stand the pain when the dog goes.  Read this Last Will from a dying dog and once you have put the tissues away, open your heart and home to a rescue dog.lastwill

October 26, 2011