January 20, 2020

ADOPTED !!!Ok, I’m going to need help here.  Regular Poorpaws friends know that Brittany Spaniels are my very favourite breed and here is a beauty, also an example of absolute stupidity. Olky is just two years old and his owner has had to go into hospital, unlikely to come out and if he does it will be to a retirement home.  WHO in their right sense gives a PUPPY to an elderly person ?!?!?!  For goodness sake don’t people THINK ?  Durrhh, young puppy, old person, who is likely to die first ?!?!  Leaving a young dog looking for a new home.  Olky is a lovely boy and will make a fantastic companion.  Please adopt him before I take him ……. and lose my partner.  Ok tough call, but ……. !

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