December 5, 2019

RESERVED – NOT !  Very sadly Luke’s prospect of a future home has fallen through, so he is still looking for that future happy home with a kind couple or single person.  He would make a fantastic undemanding companion.

Meet Luke, Lucky Luke, or in this case Not So Lucky Luke !  Luke was adopted from a refuge at 2 years old and has since been living very happily and peacefully with his owner.  Enter a job move abroad and Luke is now looking for a new home.  To be fair his owner wanted to take him and even bought a transport cage but sadly he could find no accommodation where Luke would be welcome, or even accepted.   Luke is a young nine years old and Poorpaws was his last hope.  The owner told us that everyone else he contacted advised him to get Luke pts.  Well that would have been sad as he is in good health and in fact he has come with enough funds to pay for future veterinary needs.  In my humble opinion he would be ideal for a middle aged retired couple who love a (slightly porky it must be said !) typical Lab, happy to share walks, no need for long hikes, and a fireside. 

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