Tommy and Robbie

October 31, 2019

Tommy (ginger) and Robbie are four and five years old respectively and have a sad story to tell. They turned up at the home of an elderly lady who took care of them and had them vaccinated, neutered and tested for feline aids.  Now the lady has had to move in with her daughter as she herself needs caring for now.  The daughter took the cats too, thinking things would ‘settle down’ with her own cats.  Unfortunately this has not happened so Tommy and Robbie find themselves living outside having been used to the comfort of a warm  loving home.  Both are affectionate and love nothing more than a cuddle and welcoming lap.  Winter is coming and the family are desperate to find a home/homes for these two lovely boys.  If you have a home to offer, please call Louise (English) on 0553407179, or, of course get in touch with me.

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