May 23, 2019

Kelli is, a fabulous, fabulous six year old German Shepherd, a really lovely girl.  Her owner is totally heartbroken at having to find her a new home but a sad change in circumstances have made it necessary.  Kelli is obedient, affectionate and great with children.  She is very timid at first but after a few minutes she will be your friend – especially if you have a ball to throw ……and throw and throw and throw !!  Kelli MUST have a large enclosed garden to run around in because she does NOT do cats, rabbits, chickens, deer and, given half a chance will chase cars.  On a walk she will pull for the first few minutes but settles thereafter, but if a car goes past she will lunge so a strong arm is necessary – hence the need for a large garden to give her plenty of space.  She needs a home where she has a life as part of a family, or couple,  not to be left out in the garden 24/7.  Although without any aggression, she will bark at newcomers, so good for dissuading unwanted visitors.  At the moment Kelli is in the Prayssac (Lot) area.

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