February 22, 2018

Little Toby, what a cutie !  I’m shooting myself in the foot here but I met this little lad at the Refuge Canin Lotois in Cahors last week and fell in love !  It is now my mission in life to find him a home.  He arrived at the refuge a very frightened little bunny and would cower when approached but thanks to the great work of the people at the refuge, is now a friendly little chap.  About the size of a whippet but a tad more flesh Toby runs with a sort of Bambi like hop.  He is around two years old and just adorable.  The refuge say not for a family with very young children and I’m thinking this is because he ‘mouths’ which is totally not the same thing as nipping or biting.  Please, please go and see him !

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